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Prominent personalities and their Faux Pas !

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With great power comes great responsibility – Uncle Ben (Spider-Man ke Chacha ji)
Once you are known to the masses, you achieve the power of people’s faith, belief in you, which makes you responsible. Whoever you are, a politician, a critic, a journalist, an actor, a sportsman, an artist, if you are well known, people look up to you for your work, for credible information, so what you post is news for many.

But in past, there had been many prominent personalities, who goofed-up or did intentional ones.

“Fake News” term is quite popular but it has many parts for e.g.
Misinformation – A mistake made or passed on.
Disinformation – A wrong info created and passed on intentionally.

Fake News also can be divided in various genres like communal hatred, character assassination,  political, pranks, jokes, not harmful etc. The list below contains all these sorts.

Few of such Faux Pas has been listed below where you can decide if these are Misinformation or Disinformation

While there had been a number of personalities caught with #FakeNews, featured below are the ones debunked by SMHoaxSlayer.


MadhuPurnima Kishwar

Factarian, Averse to all Isms. Maulana Azad National Professor, ICSSR. Founder human rights organisation MANUSHI


A Two year old Video is viral as celebration in Rajasthan after Election results.

She tweeted a 2 year old video of Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, falsely claiming to be post 11th December 2018 (Congress victory celebration) from Rajasthan, Pakistan Zindabad Slogan was also not anywhere in the video as she claimed. Infact with following other fakes from her, you may find she was hearing “Pakistan Zindabad” in many videos.

When debunked, she deleted it but defended with another one where she claimed Congress supporters were shouting “Pakistan Zindabad” which too was false.

They were actually shouting “Bhati Sa Zindabaad” and not Pakistan Zindabad which she wanted to hear.

India Today Fact Check found that the workers were shouting the name of a local Congress candidate, Narayan Singh Bhati, and not pro-Pakistan slogans. In Rajasthan, “Sa” is used as respect like elder brother.


Next, Congress – 2nd Most corrupt party in the world.
She tweeted a link of a website bbcnewshub which is a fake/clickbait website, posts fake/sensational articles and earn from traffic. It is not related to BBC at all. This was debunked last year also. This same Fake website also posted a fake article claiming our PM Modi to be 7th most corrupt PM in the word which was also debunked by SMHoaxSlayer.


Which is the 4th Most corrupt party in the world ? Congress or BJP ?

3 years ago, she asked a question tweeting the photo below if the weapons were found in a Mosque. Although the news was true but, the weapons were being sold in a Hotel on Highway openly.

Three years ago again, she tweeted a photo where a man folded a road like a blanket claiming to be low quality road construction in Bihar, alleging Bihar government for corruption. The photo is actually from Bangladesh

A 2016 photo from IIIT Hyderabad was quoted as BHU IIT which showed students wearing Indian culture clothing in their convocation claiming effect of government. This way of wearing Indian attire started in year 2013.

International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad changed to Indian Institute of Technology BHU ?

Last January, people from Karni Sena created a chaos, violence against release of movie – Padmavati, renamed to Padmavat after this protest. A shocking incident disturbed many, stone pelting on a school bus carrying children.

Madhu Kishwar said 5 Muslim men were arrested who pelted the stone, added a clause in the end “if the above news is true”. Why or how will someone retweet a question ? This tweet was retweeted more than 3000 times. Gururam Police officially clarified that no Muslim boy was detained, following which she deleted the tweet as usual.

Police tweeted the truth against rumor mongers.

Ex-Bishop Franco Mulakkal was accused of rape and was arrested. Madhu Kishwar tweeted the image below claiming it “Awesome” but in fact the image was fake/edited created by a website breakyournews.com, which is also on the image.


When people take a satire seriously.

Digvijay Singh

Ex General Secretary of All India Congress Committee , Ex CM Madhya Pradesh Ex President MPCC and Member Rajya Sabha

Digvijay Singh tweeted the image below targeting Yogi Aditya Nath, UP CM claiming the ambulances in his state are rusting while people had to carry their relatives on handcarts.

The photo was actually from Karnataka, not UP. Digvijay Singh hasn’t yet deleted the tweet though.

Neither are these ambulances from UP, nor this is Digvijay Singh’s first #FakeNews.


Last year he used a Rawalpindi, Pakistan’s 2016 photo claiming Bhopal’s Bridge’s low quality alleging Madhya Pradesh Gov. He specifically put this on a BJP minister.

Digvijay Singh imports a Pakistani bridge in Bhopal to blame BJP.

Arvind Kejriwal

Chief Minister, Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party

Arvind Kejriwal retweeted a tweet in which people were beating a politician. The tweet claimed common people are beating BJP minsiters on completion of their 4 years of rule.

Actually all points were false, you can read in the article below –

Delhi CM Kejriwal retweets a wrong captioned video !

In 2016, after demonetization, Kejriwal quoted a tweet by Abhishek Mishra, who currently is in jail, he also is claimed to be running a fake news mongering website ‘viralininia’. Actually the man entered the bank to steal but hanged himself when he realized that Police has surrounded the bank and he won’t be able to escape.

The tweet had an image of a hanging man i.e. suicide in a bank. The text said he killed himself as he was unable to withdraw money for 4 days in Satna. Kejriwal added “Modi Ji, look at this. At least now have pity on citizens. why do think of people as your enemy”

Although Abhishek deleted his tweet but not Kejriwal


Puneet Sharma

स्वंयसेवक | Honored to be followed by PM ji & ji | मम दीक्षा हिन्दू रक्षा | मम मंत्र समानता

Puneet Sharma tweeted few images in Feb 2018 claiming to be new Airport like Bus Station in Vadodara made by PM Modi.

This actually was a mixture of images – old photo, a hospital’s photo, digitally created images. Read complete detail in the article below –

Few of these photos are fake and few are old.


He tweeted a fake image, which actually was also based on a fake website named bbcnewshub claiming Congress as 4th most corrupt party in the word with BBC logo on it. BBC called it off, that it has nothing to do with BBC. This Fake News was viral again recently too.

Fake survey under name of BBC claims BBC published Congress on 4th most corrupt Political Party in the world.

3 years ago, he tweeted an image claiming Shiv Linga and Nandi Ji found on Rasa, oldest mosque in Arab.

These were wrong, you can read details in the article below –

Two years ago, he tweeted a disturbing video in which a man is stabbing another repeatedly with a knife or some sharp object. He wrote that this is happening in Kerala, the victims are a RSS and BJP Workers. Even after seeing this, if a Hindu’s blood doesn’t boil, it must be water.

The Video was actually from Mexico, not Kerala. Read below for details –


Don’t incite Riots !

Shashi Tharoor

MP for Thiruvananthapuram. Author of 18 books. Former Minister of State,Govt.of India. Former Under Secretary General, United Nations.

Shashi Tharoor Tweeted a painting’s photo along with, Swapna Augustine who doesn’t have hands and paint with legs. Actually the painting was by Oleg Shupliak from Ukraine who draw such optical illusion paintings.

A Farrago of Paintings by Shashi Tharoor !

Gaurav Pradhan

, , Strategist, Global Top 100CIO, Gartner Top10 CIO SA, Founder Golfer, 4×4, Pilot

Gaurav Pradhan tweeted a video in which two women in burqa are fighting on a signal, he wrote this happened just after women were allowed to drive in Arab. Saudi Arabia passed a law allowing women to drive on 24th June 2018. Tarek Fatah also tweeted the same.

Actually, the video is 4 years old. It was uploaded on YouTube in 2015

Did Arab women driving cars fought on the road last month ?

A Year ago, Jan 2018, he tweeted an image with photo of actor Farhan Akhtar and a statement claiming to have been made by him. The image had a logo of Post Card website which has itself posted Fake News few times.

On being called out fake by Farhan Akhtar, Gaurav Pradhan deleted his tweet accepting being wrong and questioning his parents.

Frahan didn’t say this on Kasganj unfortunate events.

Two years ago he tweeted a photo of a stamp with our PM Modi JI’s photo which was genuine indeed but alongwith he wrote Turkey issued this declaring Modi Ji’s as world’s greatest leader.

Actually PM participated in G20 summit held in Turkey and so did leaders of other countries as well. Turkey issued stamps for all of the leaders together who participated as a sense of respect.


Did Turkey issue a stamp only for Modi ji as Greatest Leader of the World ?

In Aug 2017, he tweeted a photoshopped image of Front page advertisement with Arvind Kejriwal’s face by Aam Aadmi Party. When corrected by SMHoaxSlayer, he accepted and deleted his tweet.

A photoshopped sarcasm taken seriously and made viral intentionally.

Pawan Durani

Techie , Journalist , Blogger , Activist , Columnist .. DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT ? Don’t ! Forced out of my home of 5000 years ! Yes, I am a Kashmiri PanditSource

Last year he tweeted a photo in which children are playing on a newly laid road, even opened their footwear off the road. He praised PM Modi Ji for this work.

Actually, the photo was from Indonesia, he deleted the tweet after 2000 + retweets.

This ‘distant village’ which had it’s first road is in Indonesia !

Pawan Durani tweeted a video which said Rahul changed it’s color on waiving Farmers’ loan just as they won the elections. This was a trimmed video. Same was also tweeted by Satish Upadhyay. Check the article below for complete details –


The viral video of Rahul Gandhi has a relevant sentence clipped.

Pritish Nandy

Poet. Journalist. Maker of films. Former Parliamentarian. Genesis International Humanitarian Award US Bangladesh Liberation War Award Founder People for Animals

He tweeted an old and smaller Sardar Patel’s statue as Statue of Unity. Check the article below for complete details –

The photo Pritish Nandy claimed as of Statue of Unity is False.

Avinash Das

Writer-Director: Anaarkali Of Aarah

Avinash tweeted a photo which looked like a newspaper article, which said “Yogi Adityanath made an irresponsible statement, said our job is to save cows, not girls” He wrote should this man be slapped with shoes or not ?

The line was actually from a satire website. UP CM never made any such statement.

Yogi Adityanath didn’t say that it’s their job is to save cows, not girls.

Harsh Goenka

Chairman – RPG Enterprises. Loves people, food, sports, art.

Harsh Goenka tweeted a video in which Smriti Irani is dancing with Hasimrat Kaur Badal claiming they are dancing to the song Ghoomar, a song from Movie Padmavat.

The Video was actually from 2015, 3 years old.

Did Smriti Irani and Harsimrat Kaur Badal dance to ‘Ghoomar’ as Mr. Goenka say ?

Anupam Kher

Actor/Teacher/MotivationalSpeaker/UN Ambassador

Anupam Kher tweeted a video in which someone is drawing a woman’s face on coffee using cream claiming  someone did this in Istanbul for Sridevi, after she died.

This video actually is from Durban, South Africa, made by an International Coffee chain – Gloria Jeans Cafe. posted last year dedicated to Women’s Day.

Anupam Ji, it’s neither Istanbul, nor Sridevi.

Shobha De

Journalist, columnist, social commentator, opinion-shaper and author of 20 books.

Shobha De tweeted a certificate looking image claiming Gorakhpur as First smartest city on India which was called off by UNESCO officially

When UNESCO debunks a joke !!!

Randeep Singh Surjewala

MLA | In-charge, Communications, Indian National Congress. Permanent Invitee Member, Congress Working Committee.

He tweeted a video in which Vasundra Raje is heard saying that confuse people so much so they don’t get time to ask you the real questions, i.e about employment, farmers, infrastructure etc.

Actually this was a trimmed video, in complete video she was heard saying that Congress said this.

Randeep Surjewala targets Vasundhra Raje based on a trimmed clip.

Vinod Chavda

Member of Parliament (Kachchh) & Advocate

He tweeted a set of photos claiming to be of a 1st Temple in Abu Dhabhi which was to be opened by PM Modi.

Land has been allotted for temple in Abu Dhabhi and the year of completion is said to by 2020. The images used are from New Jersey and Paris

The photos are not of Abu Dhabi Temple as it’s not yet built.

Gaurav Pandhi, Pawan Khera, Shehla Rashid

Gaurav PandhiPolitical Analyst  Support Indian National Congress Views & Opinions are personal  Instagram & Snapchat: gaurav.pandhi

Pawan KheraNational Spokesman – Indian National Congress, Convenor – Publicity Committee of INC for Elections 2019. Philosophy, Global politics, History, Music, Poetry

Shehla Rashid –  Activist.

These all tweeted that PM Modi ji, in a speech said 7 Lakh villages in Karnataka, while he actually said 7 Lakh homes.

No, PM Modi didn’t say “7 Lakh villages”.

Jignesh Mevani

Member representing Vadgam constituency in Gujarat Legislative Assembly

He tweeted a set of two photos, one from the movie “Oh My God” and other from real life comparing both using sarcasm, But the lady, Shefali Vaidya, BJP Supporter in real life photo was added digitally and was not real. He deleted the tweet later and apologized.

Jignesh Mevani tweets based on photoshopped image

He tweeted that PM Modi ji who always resisted white skull cap, finally wore in Indore.

The image was photoshopped with cap added digitally.

PM Modi didn’t wear the cap in Indore on the occasion of ‘Ashara Mubaraka’

Sanjay Singh

Sanjay Singh, current Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament from the Aam Aadmi Party

He tweeted a photo of a crying woman, claiming her to be blind and widow of a martyr.

She was not blind and was sister of the martyr.

AAP MP Sanjay Singh used Fake News over Kargil War

Jarnail Singh

MLA Tilak Nagar, Volunteer Aap, Chairman of DDC(W), Member of SDMC, Chairman of GGS Hospital, VP AAP Delhi, Co Convener Aap Overseas, Chairman WAPTEMA, Business

Jarnail Singh tweeted a video claiming Sikhs are being tortured in BJP ruled Assam. Actually it was a just one incidence when mob beat up a holy man thinking they are abducting children.

AAP MLA wrongly captions a video to incite political hatred using religion.

Prakash Raj


Prakash Raj posted a set of 4 photos claiming these to be from a protest against PM Modi in UK while all these photos were either from different place or different time.

The photos Prakash Raj tweeted are years old and from different places.

Paresh Rawal


Paresh Rawal tweeted a fake/digitally created image he claimed as a screenshot of Rahul Gandhi’s tweet.

Paresh ji is back with fake tweet.

He tweeted that a Major who died in Taj Terror attacks was not given a salute of 21 guns, which when proven wrong defended claiming he wrote “not” by mistake. The wrong tweet had thousands of retweets and still not deleted.

Sir Paresh Rawal back at it again, and how it works.

He tweeted a fake quote attributed to Late Dr Abdul Kalam, accepted later that he didn’t know if it was true.

Story of a biggie’s lie and it’s uses.

Kapil Mishra

MLA representing Karawal Nagar constituency in the Sixth Legislative Assembly of Delhi

Kapil Mishra used a photoshoot/staged photo claiming as real during Sabrimala Temple issue.

A Photo from a photoshoot claimed as police beating a Sabarimala Devotee.

Kamal Nath

Chief Minister Of Madhya Pradesh | Lok Sabha Member, Chhindwara (MP) | Gen Secretary | President

Kamal Nath official handle tweeted a photo from Bangladesh claiming to be of Madhya Pradesh, alleging Mama ji i.e. Shivraj Chauhan for corruption

Kamal Nath used a Bangladesh photo claiming BJP as corrupt.

Tarek Fatah

Author, ‘Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State’ (Wiley). ‘The Jew is Not My Enemy’ (McClelland). Fellow, Middle East Forum. Columnist, Toronto Sun.

Tarek Fatah tweeted a photoshopped/edited video which showed a Muslim teacher teaching students why Islam is superior than Hinduism while on the contrary he was actually teaching Sanskrit.

The teacher was actually teaching Sanskrit not communal superiority. Tarek Fatah back with #FakeNews !

Last year UAE allowed women to drive vehicles. Tarek Fatah tweeted a video claiming two ladies were fighting on a traffic signal just after applying this rule while this video was few years old.

Did Arab women driving cars fought on the road last month ?

Kiren Rijju

Minister of State for Home, India. Lok Sabha MP from Arunachal Pradesh

Kiren RIjju tweeted a small video showing a small kid playing football relating it to be a result of PM Modi Ji’s work while actually the video was from Brazil, not India

MP Kiren RijIju used a Brazilian video praising efforts of our PM.

Dr. J Aslam Bhasha

Chairman – Minority Department Tamil Nadu Congress Committee | AICC Member | National Chairman Shri | Advocate


Dr. J Aslam tweeted a photo showing a girl pulling a rickshaw with an old man sitting in it claiming the girl is daughter of the rickshaw puller and topped IAS. In fact the girl was merely a traveler and just pulled the rickshaw for photo and was not related to him.

Is that an IAS woman carrying her rickshaw puller father ?

Kavita Krishnan

Secretary, AIPWA and Polit Bureau member, CPI(ML), editor, Liberation, and formerly a student activist with the AISA and former Jt Secy, JNUSU.

She tweeted a photo of an old man holding a stone in hand while a cop aiming a gun on him, she claimed this photo from farmers’ protest last year. This photo actually was from a Jat protest in year 2013.

Is this a farmer facing a cop with gun in recent farmer protest ?

Imam Tawhedi

An Australian Muslim Scholar, Publicly Ordained Islamic Authority, Thinker, Educator, Speaker, and one of the main leading voices in the global movement of Islamic reform

Imam tweeted a video showing a man beating a nude man while others were watching, he claimed that islamist terrorists were beating a naga sadhu (nude monk) . Actually the Naga Sadhu was an imposter, a drug addict who on pretext of asking for water molested a girl and the man seen in the video beating him was brother of the girl. Naga Sadhu was arrested later.

Was it a naga sadhu beaten up by a mob ?

Mahesh Bhatt

Film Maker, Author, Nomad with no destination.

Mahesh Bhatt tweeted a photo claiming to be of a frozen wave while it was actually a glacier cut by wind in such shape

Is this a wave which froze instantly ?

Sanjay Nirupam

President,Mumbai Congress Committee,Ex Member of Parliament of India.

Sanjay Nirupam tweeted a photo of PM Modi with many edible dishes on table using sarcastic text. The image was edited with many dishes added.

This is not the first fake image tweeted by Sanjay Nirupam.


He tweeted a black and white photo claiming RSS people were saluting a British queen.

It was actually digitally made from two different unrelated images

Hail Photoshop! No, RSS is not Saluting British Queen.

Manickam Tagore

Secertary,All India Congress Committee (IC Karnataka)✋Former MP (2009-2014) 🇮🇳.worked in & !

He fell for a parody account which posted sarcasm claiming it to be true

When Congress AICC Secretary fell for a parody account to make fun of our Defence Minister.

Divya Spandana

Actor, Former Member of Parliament, currently handling Social Media & Digital Communications for the Congress party & I ❤️ it!

Divya tweeted a small video clip in claiming a rare clip found in which PM accepts he is less educated, It was actually a trimmed clip, after saying this PM went on saying what he did next, how much more did he study.

Congress IT cell head posts a clipped video to mislead all.

Sanjiv Bhatt

Former Indian Police Service officer from Gujarat

Sanjiv Bhatt tweeted a photo of wire-men working on electric poles claiming the photo was taken 5 days ago. It was actually 2 year old photo.

Sanjiv Bhatt back again with Fake images.

He tweeted a photo comparing PM Modi with Adolf Hitler, in both they pulling the child’s ears. The Hitler photo was actually edited, he actually holding the girl from shoulders

Kya ye Hitler ke zamaane ka photoshop hai ? 😉

He tweeted a photo of women being beaten claiming to be from BHU molestation protest while the photo actually as old and from Patna.

Sanjiv Bhatt tweeted a wrong image t

Ajaz Khan

Bollywood Film Actor | Fitness Freak | Proud Indian | Ek Number Manas

Azaz Khan tweeted a photoin which two cows and a man are lying on the ground dead. He claimed that they died because of hunger holding government accountable for it. Also used a ohto of a torn slipper claiming to be of the farmer.

Actually they died because of electrocution and the slipper photo was from other country.

They didn’t die of hunger, reason of death was electrocution.

Amit Shah

National President of Bharatiya Janata Party / President, Gujarat Cricket Association

Amit Shah tweeted his doubt if in the recent rally of all opposition coming together, if any one chanted patriotic slogans. But many actually did chant.

Here is the answer to Mr. Amit Shah’s doubt raised on opponents.


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