Paresh ji is back with fake tweet.

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Well, one of the greatest actor but the usual politician Mr. Paresh Rawal never let’s us down with Fakes. When one is about to give up the hope of Fake from him, he pops up one.

This time it’s a photoshopped/digitally created ‘screenshot’ of Rahul Gandhi which he tweeted without any source, link, just the image which is quite easy to create.

Currently this Fake tweet has 2683 retweets.

In case of deletion you can see the tweet here – https://archive.is/pmtw1

In the tweet, the purpose is to to show Rahul Gandhi in bad light that he used Kilograms (kg) instead of Litre in which petrol is measured. If you had been on Social Media for a while, it’s flooded with Pappu Jokes to defame Rahul Gandhi and this tweet adds up to it.

While a twitter timeline of a handle places the DP/Profile picture separately on left side, single tweet when clicked upon shows the profile pic aligned left exactly with the text of the tweet.

Screenshot of the timeline of Rahul Gandhi –

Comparison of the fake image and the genuine screenshots –

Further, you can see the Grey area/ breaking pixels around the text in the image which usually happens because of editing

As you might already be in know of, this ain’t Paresh Rawal’s first fake tweet. He usually takes a long break in between two Fake tweets.

AT times he corrects or deleted his fake tweets but then it’s after a long gap by which the screenshot of Fake Tweet reaches thousands of people on WhatsAppp who believe in him but never learn about his tweet being fake.

His earlier fake debunked by SMHoaxSlayer

Sir Paresh Rawal back at it again, and how it works.

Story of a biggie’s lie and it’s uses.



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