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A Photo from a photoshoot claimed as police beating a Sabarimala Devotee.

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A Photo is viral where a man is holding an Ayappa idol close to his chest while with other hand trying to stop the policeman to stop hitting him.

Ex AAP MLA, Kapil Mishra tweeted it and by now had more than 1500 retweets.

He tweeted

In the eyes of this devotee There is No Fear of brutality There is No fear of oppression This is the Power of Faith #Sabarimala #Ayyappa

You can see more source of this at the end of this article.

Truth –

This photo is of Rajesh Kurup, a staunch Ayappa devotee. He has posted many other photos too from his photo shoot. Either he didn’t post or deleted this photo from his photos on Facebook.

Another photo from the same set was posted on Instagram on 15th October 2018


You can see the watermark of the photographer too

This was first cleared by twitter handle – Advaid

“The second photograph has a watermark of Midhun Krishna Photography on it.

BOOM contacted Midhun Krishna who confirmed that these images are not real ones of the protest but of a photo-shoot. He confirmed that the man in the image is his friend Rajesh Kurup. Kurup is a staunch Ayyappa devotee.” – Boomlive


Rajesh Kuurup posted many of his such professional photos –

Such incidents, i.e. using a photo from a film has been used before too to create communal tension in country

This was debunked by SMHoaxSlayer in December 2016 –

More False ones

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