Congressmen are using an edited image explaining why Rahul Gandhi will become PM.

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A photo of an Auto-rickshaw is viral with a banner on it which praises Rahul Gandhi. The following quote is written on the banners – देश जुमलों से नही चलेगा प्रधानमंत्री राहुल गांधी बनेगा..

TranslationThe country will not run on false promises, Rahul Gandhi will become Prime Minister.


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The Text on the banner is edited, it was rather against Rahul Gandhi.

Although the edges of the banner are blur proving the image is edited, we also used forensics of the image. The earlier one has been erased and the viral one was written.

The left one is viral now and the right one was viral before (although we can not confirm it’s authenticity though)

You can notice the red arrows showing the blurred black color on the edges of the banner plate which shows the image is not real. Further we used ELA (Error Level Analysis) of Image Forensics which clearly proves the text is added later. The contrast of the text (white color) on the image proves it.

Forensic Source  – LeftRight

The other image was viral a day before


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