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Is this a farmer facing a cop with gun in recent farmer protest ?

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A Photo is viral showing an old man holding a brick in his hand, standing in front of a policeman with gun in his hand.

**** Below is updated on 24th Sep 2020 ****

Chattishgarh Youth Congress Official Handle tweeted –


Official Account Shakuntala Sahu, MLA Kasdol (Parliamentary Secretary Govt. of Chhattisgarh | Member CG Board of Sec. Education ) tweeted –


**** Above is from Sep 2020 **** Below is from 2018 ****

Kavita Krishnan ( Secretary, AIPWA and Polit Bureau member, CPI(ML), editor, Liberation, and formerly a student activist with the AISA and former Jt Secy, JNUSU.) tweeted the photo. Her tweet had more than 3000 retweets

Look at the farmer with a brick in his hand, facing a cop with a gun. If you don’t think the farmer is a terrorist – and I hope you don’t – if you empathise with his anger, I hope you’ll think again before you call a Kashmiri kid with a stone in his hand a terrorist.

She claimed the elder men as a farmer relating it to recent Farmer Protests.

The following facebook page post has more than 3000 shares




Truth –

The photo is from Jat reservation andolan in year 2013. The photo is 5 years old

Indian Express wrote –

Days after the Muzaffarnagar riots, tension returned to the region once again on Sunday as villagers clashed with police forces at the venue of a mahapanchayat that had been banned by the administration in neighbouring Meerut district.

At least 6 people, including policemen and a woman, were injured in the clash and the police had to lob teargas shells and open fire in the air to control the situation. According to the administration, the Army has been asked to stay alert.

Officials said a large number of villagers, including several women carrying their children, had gathered in Khera village in Sarghana for the mahapanchayat to protest against the arrest and slapping of National Security Act on local BJP MLA Sangeet Singh Som in connection with the Muzaffarnagar violence.

Secretary (Home) Kamal Saksena said the mahapanchayat had been called by Som’s wife and his brother.

Apart from banning it on Friday, the district administration late Saturday night had also managed to persuade Som to appeal from the Orai jail to his supporters to postpone the mahapanchayat by a week. Following this, the organisers too assured the police and paramilitary forces stationed there that they were not going ahead with their programme. But the message did not apparently reach the 24 villages, dominated by Thakurs, Som’s community, as by then people had started gathering at the venue.

By 11 am on Sunday, a huge crowd had gathered at the spot, and the villagers decided to go ahead and hold the mahapanchayat. They reiterated their demands for withdrawal of NSA on Som and immediate release of hundreds of “innocents” arrested for the riots.


Kavita Krishnan later also accepted when corrected by many

“I’m informed that this pic below isn’t from the Kisan Yatra but from 2013 Jat Mahapanchayat in Meerut. My point stands however – that the man with a brick in the pic hasn’t been demonized as a terrorist and likewise a Kashmiri kid with a stone in his hand shouldn’t be either.”


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