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This ‘distant village’ which had it’s first road is in Indonesia !

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A set of photos is viral showing newly constructed road with children playing on it with their footwear kept off the new road.

Pawan Durani tweeted a set of photos in which he wrote –
“When some distant village gets road for the first time , this happens. Thank you PM ⁦@narendramodi⁩ for caring.”

He deleted his tweet after 2000 retweets –


It can still be found on Google

500 Retweets of a tweet by Suresh Patel (SARANG)

“देश आजाद होने के 72 साल बाद भी विकास का मजाक उड़ाने वाले चमचों और गुलामों को समर्पित पोस्ट ओडीसा के एक गांव में जब पहली बार पक्की सड़क बनी तो इन मासूम बच्चों ने सम्मान में चप्पल भी उतार दी।”

More than 500 retweets of Rani Agrawal’s tweet –



Recently in the Indonesian province of Lampung was first tarmac road.

It was a real event for local residents, who even took off the shoes to walk on it.

Residents of this village for the first time in my life I saw the asphalt – just look at the reaction


This wasn’t first #FakeNews by Pawan Durani.

Two years ago, June 2016, he tweeted a model bathroom photo asking if it’s Delhi CM, Kejriwal’s. He said “some” say he spent 3.9 crores on renovation of bathroom.


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