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Was it a naga sadhu beaten up by a mob ?

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A video is viral in which a naked man is beaten up by a man with stick/rod in his hand.

Imam Tawhidi tweeted

“Islamic Extremists in India beating up a poor and elderly Indian beggar. I truly wish this Islamist criminal is arrested soon.


His following tweet has been retweeted more than 3000 times by now


An Actress Koena Mitra also tweeted that same tweet quoting “He’s a Naga Sadhu !!!!! This happens in our country everyday. 🙏

The above tweet by now also has more than 700 Retweets.


Truth –

It was neither a Naga Sadhu, nor was beaten by ‘mob’, nor the man beating him was a muslim.

While the above tweets didn’t give out the date or place of this event, SMHoaxSlayer noticed Number plates of few vehicles which is “UK-07” which is Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Found the following tweet by SSP Dehradun but since it’s not a verified account, SMHoaxSlayer contacted her, the SSP  Dehradun who confirmed this to be her own twitter handle. She also sent an SMS to SMHoaxSlayer that the inspector handling the case would call and give out the details which the Inspector in Charge really did.

Dehradun Police have clarified on their Facebook page also



The following video is what happened after they complained to Police and they took him to the Police Station

Details –

The man being beaten in the video said

“मैंने क्या करा मैडम के साथ?”

“What did I do to the Madam ?”

The man beating him says

“दारू पी रक्खी है तूने ”

“You are Drunk”

The Inspector handling the case, SHO Patel Nagar, Dehradun told SMHoaxSlayer –

The man being beaten in the video is an imposter, not a naga sadhu, working with Snake Charmers. He is married and have 6 kids.

At the time of the event, he was drunk. He went to a home and asked for drinking water, and under that pretext, he tried to abuse the girl in the home. Victim girl’s brother Shubham Chauhan brought him down forcefully and started beating the imposter with a stick/rod. A mob gathered around and his friends adviced him to complain to the Police, rather one of them even pushed Shubham to stop the hit. They did notify the Police who arrested the imposter. The imposter still is in jail and investigation is still on.

Few local websites (not credible) reported it on 24th August 2018 which also matches with Police’s narrative.


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