A Two year old Video is viral as celebration in Rajasthan after Election results.

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In continuation to fake videos making rounds on Social Media after recent election results, one more is viral.
This video shows a rally with people holding Islam flags, shouting “Babri Masjid Le ke rahenge“.

Tarek Fatah tweeted the video with text –

“Indian Muslims chant “Allah-O-Akbar”; wave green Islamic flags as they march after election results in Rajasthan.”

Madhu Kishwar tweeted the video with text

“Less than 24 hours of Congress “victory” and here we are:: “Babri Masjid le ke rahenge, Pakistan Zindabad”!”

Following post by a Facebook Page Politics Solitics has been shared by approximately 16000 people


The video is genuine, not modified but it’s 2 years old. It was uploaded on Youtube on 6th Dec 2016 by a User Junaid Zubairi claiming it as “संभल बाबरी मस्जिद जुलूस 6 दिसम्बर”

Sambhal is in Uttar Pradesh.

So both the claims that It’s from Rajasthan and that this happened after Election Results turned out to be fake.



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