This is not the first fake image tweeted by Sanjay Nirupam.

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Sanjay Nirupam tweeted a photo of PM Narendra Modi eating from a plate while in front of him lies many dishes with a text “न खाऊँगा ना खाने दूँगा !”.

(Slide down to check two more related fakes related to this one.)

PM Modi in Year 2014 said the same about corruption in his speech. which means “Neither will I eat, nor will I let anyone eat” meaning, Netiher will I take bribe or become corrupt, nor will I let any one do the same.

The above image is photoshopped, you can easily see the difference between the fake (left) and original image (right)

When people on twitter called of this fake photo he further tweeted

“Dear friends, I know it’s photoshop. And I know Modiji doesn’t eat this much. Take it as a joke. Don’t be so serious all the time. वो खाते हैं पर इतना नहीं।”

Sanjay Nirupam’s previous fake image

Further, this is not the first time Sanjay Nirupam tweeted a fake photo, 2 years ago he tweeted a photoshopped photo showing RSS standing in a drill before a British Queen.

He wrote “ब्रिटिश साम्रज्ञी को सलामी देते के स्वयंसेवक ।इनकी असलियत यह है और हमें देशभक्ति सिखाने चले हैं।”


It was debunked by SMHoaxSlayer then –

Hail Photoshop! No, RSS is not Saluting British Queen.

Secondly, a photo from the same event was viral with content of the plates replaces using photo editor claiming he was eating non veg which also was debunked by SMHoaxSlayer first. It had approx 1800 shares


Truth –

​OMG! Is that PM Modi Ji eating Beef ? No. it’s Photoshop.


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