They didn’t die of hunger, reason of death was electrocution.

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Actor Azaz Khan tweeted two photos, one showing two bulls and a man lying dead and a stitched slipper in bad condition claiming to be dead farmer’s.

“The Farmer’s bulls were hungry and they fell and died, the farmer also died, but he left a few questions written on his slippers of digital India.”

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The same set of photos was viral in beginning of July 2018 also, with same claim that they died of hunger, which raises a question that how can they actually be working on form if they were so hungry.

Dying of hunger is not an accident, it doesn’t happen in seconds. Someone just can’t drop dead of hunger. Because of hunger one becomes weak, and as times pass, one just can’t stand up at all, even the ribs from chest start showing. In this case the bulls were looking perfectly fine before death.


The truth is, they died because of a electrocution, a lightning struck them while they were working on the farm.

A Popular newspaper Patrika News reported –


The Viral News also claimed that the Slipper belonged to the farmer and his condition and death of the owner asks a question to government why Digital India is more important and farmers are not.

The slipper didn’t belong to the farmer and first appeared on net in 2013 and had been used in many article/posts ever since.

The Slipper is of an African company by name “Hawalaias” as can be read on the slipper in the viral news


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