The shocking viral video of a man falling in an open manhole is actually edited.
A photo of Kangana Ranaut is viral in which Mark Manuel is claimed as Abu Salem.
Pakistanis are using a 2 year old photo of a chopper accident in Kedarnath as recent in Laddakh.
A set of old photo of an honor killing with an inter-faith wedding card is viral with Fake “Love Jihad” angle.
Pakistan creates fake Indian twitter handles to show fake Rafale training crash using old photos
Maharastra Gov is being questioned to demolish a Mosque in Madhya Pradesh claimed being in Mumbai.
This viral edited picture of Hindu saint Shirdi Saibaba is not a rare photograph, it’s a painting.
A 3 year old video of women molestation from Andhra is viral as recent from Kerala with false communal angle.
‘Adani’ written on goods train doesn’t change Indian Railways to Adani Railways.
Mainstream News channels air 1962 war cemetery as graveyard of China’s Galwan casualties.
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