Old video of a BJP candidate Nomination in Kashmir is viral as celebration in Pakistan of BJP’s Victory.
Was $100000 given away at Diamond Market, New York as celebration of PM Modi’s victory ?
Last year’s video of a cop beating his wife is viral in Pakistan with communal colors.
Year 2010 Gujarat video of a burning man is viral claimed as recent from Uttar Pradesh.
Did Mamata say if she was born in Pakistan she would have thrown atom bomb on India ?
Four year old photos from Iraq is claimed as CCTV proof of TMC workers breaking Vidyasagar’s statue.
Is this video from First Hindu Temple constructed in Abu Dhabi ?
Was the cruel teacher beating only girl students who were not wearing hijab ?
No, Gautam Gambhir didn’t use a lookalike to campaign for him
Did Hindustan Times publsih a news that Shah Rukh Khan was denied citizenship of Canada ?
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