A fake image of Times Square is viral showing Lord Rama’s photo on various digital billboards.
Congress handles used an old photo of interior of a Luxury jet claiming as Indian PM’s aircraft.
No it’s not Rhea Chakraborty with Aditya Thackeray in this viral picture.
An old video from Hyderabad is viral as decoration for Bhumi Pujan in Ayodhya.
An old video is viral as Indians in Spain celebrating building of Ram Mandir.
Do not rely on this app to check your Blood Oxygen level at home using mobile’s rear camera.
Viral pictures and videos claiming illegal organ trade of corona virus patients are not true.
A 4 year old photo of a family sitting in flooded street from Punjab is viral again claimed from Delhi.
Azam Khan who took the pledge for Jal Samadhi is not from the Samajwadi Party.
Nepal and Pakistan handles are using old photos of plane crash claiming Nepal shot down Indian jet.
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