A Pakistani minister tweets edited old videos falsely claiming it from Kashmir.
The Pak journalist, Hamid Mir lied yet again. Tweeted a year old video claiming as of 16th Aug.
A 3 year old video of Muslims burning a Pakistan’s flag from UP, is viral claimed as recent from POK.
The man in the viral video is not Mumbai’s Police Commissioner.
Did Haryana CM, Khattar say, Kashmiri Girls can be brought for marriage?
Will Jammu be made a seperate state, Kashmir & Ladakh Union Territories ?
Pakistan Army Spokesperson tweets a doctored 4 year old video claiming as new.
Old/fake images of Earth is viral claimed as taken and sent by Chandrayaan 2
A six year old video of a building collapse is viral claimed as of recent tragedy.
Did Senior Congress Leader Motilal Vohra Took Blessings from Rahul Gandhi?
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