RBI is not banning 2000 notes replacing it with 1000 notes.
A four year old photo is viral as today’s encounter of 4 rapists in Hyderabad.
Parties and politicians used wrong images of ships for wishing #IndianNavyDay2019
A Pakistan’s school attendance system video is claimed from Delhi school praising CM Kejriwal
A clipped video was viral showing Police beating made a farmer half-dead.
IANS tweeted an old plane crash photo as today’s MIG crash.
An edited photo of Alka Lamba is made viral by perverts using sick humor.
An edited image of a News18 program is viral crediting Modi for Bagdadi’s death.
Irnonically Pakistanis are spreading a video of their army raising White flag at LoC claiming as Indian army
Is this really the new 1000 Rs note to be launched on 1st Jan 2020 ?
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