Indian Air force Helicopter wasn’t shot down by Nepal as they claimed.
जिस लड़की की मृत्यु हुई और फोटो वायरल है वो भारत की “बाइसिकल गर्ल” ज्योति नहीं है.
CNN News 18 and News Nation shared a graphic 4 year old video from Malaysia as recent from Pakistan.
An old photo of a man disrespecting Indian Flag from Bihar is viral as recent from West Bengal.
Photos from a year old murder is viral now with twisted info and false communal angle.
Indira Gandhi addressed Jawans in Leh in the viral photo not Galwan Valley as claimed by Congress handles.
The viral picture of a kid paying homage to late Col. Santosh Babu is not his daughter.
The viral video of people dancing to Lungi Dance song in quarantine centre is not from Mumbai and West Bengal.
A 3 year old photo from Delhi is viral claimed from China with suspicions and mysteries.
Three fake tweet screenshots are viral claimed as late Sushant’s last tweets.
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