A 15 year old spoof of a suicide bomber in a car is viral now as a real ‘ad’ by Volkswagen.
Last year’s video from Haryana is viral as voter fraud in the recently-concluded Bihar elections.
Pakistanis are using an edited image, trying to prove video of Indian army destroying their bunker wrong.
Last year’s water light show from China is viral as from Jodhpur, Rajasthan
An old photo from a UP police station is viral as Mumbai Police torturing Arnab Goswami.
A12 year old Chinese film clip resurfaces, prominent Indian News houses report controversy as recent.
No the ITBP is not calling for a boycott of Chinese goods on Diwali.
The viral video of a man barging a durga puja pandal and stopping bhajans is not true.
An MLA from Bihar uses Hyderabad’s photo of a flyover as his work done in Muzaffarpur.
Activist quotes a 2 year old false news of a Swiss player cancelling India trip over concern of women safety in India.
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