Irnonically Pakistanis are spreading a video of their army raising White flag at LoC claiming as Indian army
Is this really the new 1000 Rs note to be launched on 1st Jan 2020 ?
An old video of PM Modi from Gujarat is viral as recent from Tamilnadu.
Few misleading photos are viral Claiming PM Modi’s beach cleaning was staged.
Will RBI stop 2000 note and release new 1000 notes on 31st Dec 2019 ?
Did Shivraj Singh Chahuan change plaster from one hand to another ?
Shashi Tharoor and few tweeted a photo from Russia claiming from US.
This unfortunate incident of a man attacking a girl is viral with false communal narrative.
Were Ganpati idols thrown on Sabarmati river front in Ahmedabad ?
Did the Traffic Signal cross the road in Mumbai ?
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