Sir Paresh Rawal back at it again, and how it works.

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So The great actor, MP Paresh Rawal is back again at what he does – Tweet

“A good actor doesn’t prove one to be a good human being”

Paresh Rawal tweeted
“Maj Sandip Unnikrishnan who martyred in Mumbai Taj attack was from Banglore, was not given 21 gun salute by the state !”

This translated in ‘English’ means Martyr Major Sandip Unnikrishnan who died while fighting Terrorists in Mumbai Taj Attack did not get 21 Gun Salute by the state while a murdered journalists got it.
Now this tweet is wrong and seems to have been intentional as he later did accept it to be wrong but didn’t correct or delete at all.

Proof as How he was wrong –

Bangalore, Nov. 29: Thousands who had not heard of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan a couple of days ago today walked behind his coffin as Bangalore gave its martyr a hero’s farewell.

The 31-year-old National Security Guard officer, who sacrificed his life fighting terrorists at the Taj yesterday, was cremated at a crowded Hebbal electric crematorium after a 21-gun salute.Β  – The Telegraph, Sunday , November 30 , 2008


Once Proof of him being wrong is established, let’s see how Fake News factory works –

Paresh Rawal made a false tweet, got thousands of retweets, once exposed, taken on by many, issues an apology but still the results says a different story.

You can see while The wrong tweet got more than 4000 retweets, the correction for only few 100s. Plus you can also find out the profile and purpose of the poeple who retweeted the false one, i.e. those 4000 people.

More to it, and much bigger is, while the correction remained only to Twitter, the Fake tweet made it’s way to many websites, Facebook Pages, and even WhatsApp where quite many are illiterate and vulnerable.

One of the examples from the usual fake news contributor – Postcard.news


Epilogue –

Given Paresh Rawal’s replies, behavior in all of his fake tweets over the time, he doesn’t seem to accept mistakes and continue with Fake News.

Let’s wait for the sequel/Next Episode of Paresh Rawal’s Fake News (Hope it’s not released).

The most ironical reply received was this LOL, Paresh Rawal’s dialogue from his movie – “


Closing here, one of the factor is also using a martyr’s name for politics and votes is not in good taste that too claiming it to be sarcasm.

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