Congress IT cell head posts a clipped video to mislead all.

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Congress IT Cell Divya Spandana tweeted an old video of interview of  then CM Narendra Modi by Rajiv Shukla in Program Ru Ba Ru. It had been retweeted by more than 4000 people by now.

She wrote

बड़ी मुश्किल से विडियो ढूंढा है, ये 1998 का इन्टरव्यू है जिसमे साहब खुद कह रहे है हाई स्कूल तक पढा हूँ, लेकिन आज साहब के पास ग्रेजुएशन की डिग्री है जो 1979 मे किया था !!

Translated – Found this video after much efforts, this is an interview of year 1998 in which Saheb himself is saying that he is studied till High School but now Saheb has Graduation degree too which is of 1979.

Later she accepted her mistake and tweeted a link of altnews which clarified the matter in March 2018

Despite learning what she tweetd is fake, she hasn’t yet deleted the tweet which may mean she wanted to spread FakeNews which she may have successfully achieved.

While the Wrong tweet has more than 4000 retweets, her correction has only approx 350 retweets which shouts out the intention

The video she tweeted was trimmed, you can watch complete video here.

The question was asked by Rajiv Shukla “Kitna padhe hai aap ?” at 20:35 till 21:38


A video clip or a photo at many times may not tell you the entire real story. People use trimmed video clip or just one photo out of a set to to create Fake News.

For example there had been two such cases earlier

Trimmed Video –

While in a speech Rahul Gandhi said “Narendra Modi Ji promised to farmers that “I’ll give you a machine in which you can put Potato from one end and you will get gold on the other end”. The video viral had the first part trimmed “Narendra Modi ji said”. So it gave an idea to people that Rahul Gandhi is promising such machine

The truth of the machine you’ve been waiting for – Alu to Sona !

Single Photo –

Last year a Congress Media coordinator as Vinay Kumar Dokania claims posted a photo of PM Modi standing next to Japan PM Abe with his wife in front of Mahatma Gandhi’s bust in Sabarmati Ashram. While Japan couple were paying respect to Gandhi with joined hands (Namastey), PM Modi wasn’t, claiming him to be a sanghi and insulting him

Actually this is just a matter of time, when the photo is taken. PM Modi also paid respect but in another photo from same event


How a photo can be misused. Modi Ji did greet Gandhi Ji along with Abe.



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