The teacher was actually teaching Sanskrit not communal superiority. Tarek Fatah back with #FakeNews !

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Tarek Fatah tweeted “No, the Mullah is not playing ‘knots & crosses’. He is teaching Muslim girls in an Indian Islamic school the comparative superiority of Islam over Hinduism.”

He tweeted an image which shows a comparative table drawn on the black board, with Hinduism in left and Islam in Right, with right ticks in favor of Islam and cross in Hinduism.

Deleted now, following is the screenshot –

His twitter bio reads “Author, ‘Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State’ (Wiley). ‘The Jew is Not My Enemy’ (McClelland). Fellow, Middle East Forum. Columnist, Toronto Sun.”

This isn’t the first time when Tarek Fatah posted a Fake News

In July he also tweeted a video of Arab women fighting on road claiming it to be just after a day when Arab allowed women to drive. which was debunked them

Did Arab women driving cars fought on the road last month ?


Truth –

Official ANI UP handle tweeted this photo in April 2018

“Goarakhpur: Sanskrit, among other subjects, being taught at Darul Uloom Husainia madrasa. Principal of the madrasa says ‘It’s a modern madrasa under UP Education board & subjects like English, Hindi, Science, Maths & Sanskrit are taught here. They are also taught Arabic’.”

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