Did Smriti Irani and Harsimrat Kaur Badal dance to ‘Ghoomar’ as Mr. Goenka say ?

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“Padmavat” as a movie could be awesome or boring but it did give birth to controversy,  anger, humor and fake news.
The Karni Sena people kept declaring bounties, crores of rupee for heads and tongues of Deepika Padukone, Sanjay Leela Bhansali etc.

Now that Censor has cleared, dropping the “i” from the real name, and few cuts, and even when Supreme Court OKayed it rubisshing ban by few states, the Karni Sena people went further and asked people not even to play the songs from movie, in fact bashed up innocent students dancing on song ‘Ghoomar’ from the movie.

Surrounding all this, RPG Chairman Harsh Goenka tweeted a video in which Smriti Irani is dancing with Hasimrat Kaur Badal claiming they are dancing to the song Ghoomar.

“Two Ministers dancing in joy to ‘Ghoomar’ – that means full blessings to Padmavat.”

He has deleted the tweet now but it had more than 300 retweets, which means they believed in it



This was even retweeted by

Chandresh Narayanan – Ex-cricket writer , , ex-Media Officer , author-World Cup Heroes, Cricket Editorial consultant, Professor, Cricket TV Commentator

The truth is, this video is more than 2 Year old and these ministers are dancing in a function in College to a Punjabi Folk Song ” Giddah”

The original audio of Giddah music of the video has been replaced by Ghoomar Song.
It’s in Dasmesh Girls’ College of Education at Badal village in Muktsar district of Punjab.

This was reported on many media houses –


In case Harsh Goenka deletes his tweet, it can be found here




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