Did BBC report Narendra Modi as the 7th most corrupt Prime Minister ?

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A supposedly ‘news’ article posted by bbcnewshub shared by many claims that Indian PM, Narendra Modi is 7th most corrupt Prime Minister in the world.
A Page by Rahul Gandhi Supporters “I Support Rahul Gandhi” with approx 90000 followers posted an image saying the same and by now has 5443 shares also.

Many others have also shared the same –


The Same article was posted in March 2017 also by FoxNewsPoint.com currently renamed as BBCNewsPoint which was shared then

Truth –

This article is fake, it’s not the genuine BBC media house but a small time website.
The bbcnewshub article says
“The 14th current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is known as most corrupt leader of Hindustan and one of the most corrupt prime ministers in world, he took the office in 2014 while he has served as Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014, as well as Modi is the Member of Parliament for Varanasi, the member of Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party Narendra Modi is using the supreme powers for to develop his own businesses as he had made billions during his government and according to media reports he used the country resources to grow his own assets.”

So while the “I Support Rahul Gandhi” says “A research by BBC News Hub”, The bbcnewshub itself only says “Narendra Modi is known as most corrupt” i.e is known as without any proof, source etc.

Further, while people fell for the acronym bbc, bbcnewshub has nothing to do with the real BBC media house.

1. The logo is not at all similar to the genuine BBC Media house

2. Their twitter handle has merely 12 followers and is not verified

3. The disclaimer on the site itself says they not 100% sure.
But as mentioned it’s not 100% sure by authority of this site that information accurate, complete, Reliable, right along with images, photos, information, knowledge and other any type of material which are available on our website due to internet.

In other words which services we are not controlled not responsible for those but our experienced and professional teal work always hard day and night to provide exact and very correct information for the visitors of our website in organized and favorable ways.”

Another fake news was viral first claiming Congress as 4th most corrupt political party in the world which was later changed to BJP by many from such website last year too which was debunked

Which is the 4th Most corrupt party in the world ? Congress or BJP ?



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