Digvijay Singh imports a Pakistani bridge in Bhopal to blame BJP.

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Digvijay Singh, a congress man falsely blames BJP using a photo of under construction overbridge with crack in Bhopal and relates it to Varanasi incident

He tweeted “यह है सुभाष नगर रेल्वे फाटक भोपाल पर बन रहे रेल्वे ओवर ब्रिज का एक पोल,जिसमें आ गई दरारे/क्रैक इसकी गुणवत्ता पर सवाल उठाती हैं,अभी तो पुल भी नही बना ।एक भाजपा नेता के मार्ग दर्शन निर्माण में हो रहा है ,फिर यह सब क्यों और कैसे ? वाराणसी की दुर्घटना यहॉं भी ना हो जाये।”

Translated in English he tweeted “This is a pillar of overbridge being made at Subhash Nagar Railway crossing, Bhopal, a crack in which rises question on quality, while the bridge is not even complete. Why such error when it;s being made under guidance of a BJP minister ? Hope Varanasi accident doesn’t repeat here” archive



This photo is actually from Rawalpindi, Pakistan posted on 24th Feb 2016

Adeel Raja, a journalist from Pakistan with verified handle also posted it in July 2016


This was viral in 2016 and was debunked 2 years ago by SMHoaxSlayer, 1st in country

In 2016 this was claimed as Zirakpur, Punjab Flyover

*Delhi was a mistake, Zirakpur is in Punjab

Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan also corrected Fake tweet of Digvijay Singh with a dash of humor

The following post on 21st July 2016 has approx 270000 shares

Approx 6000 shares

You can see more claiming this as Zirakpur FLyover

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