Did Arab women driving cars fought on the road last month ?

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“Saudi women in ‘Road Rage’ fight on first day after they were allowed to drive” – Tarak Fatah

“First fight between two saudi lady drivers at the traffic lights in Saudi Arabia. What a start !!” – Dr Gaurav Pradhan

“A historic moment for Saudi Arabia. First road rage fight between two women drivers after the travel ban was lifted.” – Gautam Trivedi

They tweeted a video showing two ladies in burqa are fighting on road at a signal. The text in their tweet meant that this fight took place after Saudi Arabia passed a law allowing women to drive on 24th June 2018, i.e just a week ago.
Tarak Fatah claims this happened on the 1st day i.e. 24th June while other tweet is an irony, that ladies fought just when they were allowed to drive.

Deleted tweet – https://archive.is/52zXr

On learning what he tweeted was Fake, Dr. Gaurav Pradhan instead of clarifying or even deleting the video, BLOCKED SMHoaxSlayer, which may mean instead of finding the truth, he might be intending to continue with Fake News.

Further, he has been found spreading Fake News many times earlier and was debunked by SMHoaxSlayer too –

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BBC Says –

For more than 60 years many women in Saudi Arabia were stuck in the passenger seat – but now they can finally get behind the steering wheel.

Until now, only men were allowed driving licences, so while there was no formal ban on women driving, they couldn’t drive legally either.

But now the rules have been changed, and Saudi Arabia has started issuing driving licences to women.

Earlier this month ten women received Saudi licences, all who had already been given a driving licence from another country.


The video was first uploaded on YouTube 3 years ago. on 8th February 2015

But this became viral and noticed by media in 2016

The Daily Star, a UK based publication house published an article on this on 10th May 2016

It says

The clip shows two women shoving each other in the middle of a busy road, while the cameraman watches from a nearby car.

Both women are seen talking at the beginning of the footage, but this escalates from 0-60 in no time at all as punches are thrown in both directions.

One of the women is pushed onto the embankment, separating the two sides of the road, where they continue to wrestle and grapple.

As the fight rages, drivers surrounding it beep their horns and shout in anger at the disruption.

But still the vexed duo continue to claw and kick one another.

At one point, one of the women’s shoes is sent flying into the road.

Although it is not known why the fight broke out, the person who posted the video said: “My guess is one woman cut up the other woman in her car on the road and good old road rage followed.”

The fight is even more shocking considering the strict rules that govern women in Saudi Arabia.

Only last month, a shock video emerged teaching Saudi husbands how to “discipline” their disobedient wives.

Women are also not allowed to expose parts of their body in public and have to ask a male guardian for permission on a number of things such as driving and getting a passport.

The video was also uploaded on YouTube by “Vishwa Shriramsena” on 30th May 2016

Many more also posted the fake news –




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