A North Eastern cultural dress worn by PM Modi is being claimed as a Ladies’ dress which is digitally edited.

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A photo is viral containing photo of PM Modi wearing North East cultural Dress along with a online shopping websites screenshot in which a girl is wearing the same dress costing 35 USD. The point they are trying to make is that he is wearing a ladies’ dress which is completely false.

ANI, a national News online portal tweeted screenshot of Kirti Azad, an AITC MLA –

It’s been tweeted by Prominent leaders of AITC and Congress

Kirti Azad, Cricketer, Part of 1983 World Cup Winning Indian Team.Thrice Member of Parliament from Darbhanga Bihar. AITC

“न नर है न ही है ये नारी, केवल है ये फैशन का पुजारी”

Translation – “Neither is a male, nor a female, only a priest of fashion”


Hiten Pithadiya, Chairman, @INCGujarat, SC Dept.| PCC Member | Ex-National Coordinator  @INCSCDept | Ph.D. Scholar | Entrepreneur | Ambedkarite | Nehruvian | RTs & Views Personal

Multi Floral Embroidered Dress.. Like it?




The dress with which PM’s dress is being compared is edited, not real.

PM Modi addressed a meeting of the North Eastern Council (NEC) in Shillong, Assam on last Sunday i.e. 18th Dec. It was held to mark the Golden Jubilee of NEC, which was launched in 1972.

The Kurta Modi Ji was wearing was cut and pasted upon a model wearing a dress with similar color and pattern but not the same.

Original Image –


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