Did Turkey issue a stamp only for Modi ji as Greatest Leader of the World ?

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A Turkey Stamp with photo of Modi ji is viral on Social Media as “Greatest leader of the world”. The stamp is genuine but it was released on 15th Nov 2015 at Turkey G20 Summit. Turkey issued 33 such stamps with photos of all country representatives taking part in the Summit, So it’s their way to honor their important guests.

G20 official Site says :

“A separate special edition stamp project which incorporates all the G20 Leaders has also been prepared by PTT. These stamps of all leaders have been compiled together in a bigger sheet in the memory of the summit. Each stamp has a picture of a leader along with the flag of his/her country. Together with the Leader’s personalized stamps, this corporate stamp sheet was presented to the Leaders by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of the Republic of Turkey, after the last session of the Summit.

The number of printed personalized stamps of the leaders was limited to the number of leaders attending the Summit.”

UPDATED 15th Nov 2017 –

2 Year old news is repeated again calling it as Unique, New and “Greatest”

Gaurav Pradhan tweets –
“Turkey has issued a postage stamp of , declaring that this is in honor of the greatest leader of the world at this moment. Every Indian & specially GUJARATIs should feel proud about this.”




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