Police tweeted the truth against rumor mongers.

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When a movie “Padmavat” resulted in flames, riots, threats in country by Karni Sena claiming to defend Rajput Honor, a disturbing video became viral showing a damaged school bus due to stone pelting, kids crying, shivering. Every citizen of country felt hurt in unison for that video.

Many TV channels ran debates on this act with Karni Sena spokes person in which one even said “Bachhon ko chot to nahi lag na?” (Translation – Atleast kids weren’t hurt, right?) to which the anchor asked “Agar aapke bachhe hote to ?” (Translation – What if your kids were there?) which obviously meant he accepted it was his people who did this.

But this sick act wasn’t enough and suddenly a twist came on social media to incite communal riots without any shred of evidence.


5 Names popped up out of nowhere claiming police arrested these Muslims who created this mess and damaged the bus – Saddam, Aamir, Feroze, Nadeem and Ashraf.

The largest contributor in this Communal Hatred was Madhu Kishwar, a verified twitter handle with 1.98 Million followers. Her bio quite ironically reads “Factarian” and “Founder of Human Rights” –

“Factarian, Averse to all Isms. Maulana Azad National Professor, ICSSR. Founder human rights organization MANUSHI”

She tweeted this fake news quite smartly with using “IF” but when tweepls started complaining to Gurgaon Police she ultimately deleted it with apology. But for the duration her tweet remain alive, it did succeed in damaging with approx 3500 retweets, screenshot of her tweet making rounds on WhatsApp and people believing in it.

The Haryana Police Cleared the air later –

Following are more fake tweets creating communal tension –

A Usual culprit – Amitesh Kumar




The list is endless …

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