Fake survey under name of BBC claims BBC published Congress on 4th most corrupt Political Party in the world.

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Fake survey under name of BBC. It claims BBC survey published Congress on 4th most corrupt Political Party in the world.

This has become viral. It just uses the acronym ‘BBC’ for fake credibility. There was no such survey or result by official BBC anywhere about Most corrupt Political Parties in the world.
BBC officially debunked this lie.


Puneet Sharma –

Fake but popular in name of Jadeja –





Lie Source: http://www.bbcnewspoint.com/top-10-most-corrupt-political-party-in-the-world-2017/

This is just an intro without any details of how they did this survey, data etc. –
A political party is a coalition of people who work jointly and struggle against one another to win political power; political parties do employ member or candidates, these parties are also to run and organize elections to decide the government any country of the world, they present their policies, plans and philosophies for gaining chance of making their government.
Corruption is the most dreadful disease of the government but some people are not conscious of it therefore there are many parties in the world which are called as corrupt because of their ruthless behavior and they also deceive countrymen to fill their own necessitates but despite of this, they impacted before the world as most desirable and welfare parties of their countries.
Here is the list of top 10 most corrupt political parties in the world 2017.
No proofs, no links, no details. Just normal info about Parties.

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