When Congress AICC Secretary fell for a parody account to make fun of our Defence Minister.

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While it was impersonation of celebrities’ handles earlier, now this twitter mess is brewing upto parody/fake handles of News houses which people and even responsible politicians and mainstream media is also falling for. Interestingly this now is coming from all the wings or sides or whatever.

Manickam Tagore, Secertary, All India Congress Committee tweeted this (now deleted) –

“Hahaha! How @nsitharaman is unfit to be the Defence minister of India is proved again ! She needs to have check up first ! #RahulGandhi

He quoted a tweet he thought was from a genuine Republic TV Account which wrote

“Is Rahul Gandhi really on Mansarovar Yatra?? Why is he sharing Edited pics, even the shadow of stick was not there in one of the Pic he shared::Defence Minister in BJP Headquarter, File Pic”

manickam tagore.B/ மாணிக்கம்தாகூர்.பVerified account  @manickamtagore 
Secertary,All India Congress Committee ✋Former MP (2009-2014) 🇮🇳.worked in & ! Jaihind & தமிழ் வளர்க!


He fell for a tweet from a Parody account. The Tweet Mr. Manickam believed in was from a parody account RepubliicTV .

  • This is is not verified, no blue tick badge
  • This has two ‘i’ in it which is a wrong spelling
  • This has only 102 followers


Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharman has called off his tweet and Mr. Manickam later deleted his tweet.

What’s going on, on Twitter these days ?

Firstly this was in the name of celebrities, journalists, sportsmen, politicians etc, fooling Twitter with using words like “Fan” or “Parody” but totally tweeted in favor of or against a religion, full of communal hatred or political party but not related to the fan they claim being of. They worked in unison, organized as despite having a small following, their tweets had 100s of retweets and screenshots of their tweet were viral on whatsapp.

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An organized army on Twitter using popular names.

Then came Fake Twitter accounts using News houses name like Times Wow, Times How, Zee Republic, RepubliicTV, IndiaTwoday, AN! and so on.

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#Trolling #Hatred #FakeNews #Abuse affecting country and your bit to curb it.

One example how News houses falling for such parody accounts –

When ‘how’ becomes ‘now’.



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