Few of these photos are fake and few are old.

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Few fake photos which were viral last year claimed to be newly inaugurated bus stand in Rajkot are viral again but this time as Vadodara bus stand which was already inaugurated in Feb 2014.

Mr. Puneet Sharma, who is followed by many verified twitter handles have falsely claimed

“India’s first Airport like Bus terminal in Vadodara Gujarat which was inaugurated by PM in February 2018. Give Modi Ji time and he will give us development in return.”

To support his claim, in reply he posted a news article

Now you’ll say, oh, yes, it’s there, so it’s not a lie, but yes it is. Mostly people will be satisfied with the link itself, wont click on it but if one does, he will find the truth.

The Article is of Feb 2014, i.e. 4 years ago which can’t be seen in this tweet


The point here is, Mr. Puneet Sharma seems to have tweeted this Fake News intentionally as SMHoaxSlayer calling out his tweet has more RTs. So He must have noticed but the tweets is still there, no deletion, no correction at all.


Following is the screenshot of photos viral again which was viral last year and debunked too.

OMG! Is that India ? Is that a Rajkot Bus Stand ? No, it doesn’t exist ! May be few years later.

While PM Modi ji just performed Bhoomi Pujan and these photos were computer generated as how the bus stand will look like after completion, many fell for it e.g Babul Supriyo –

You can find all these computer generated images in Indian Express here

The following photo with Pm Modi in it is from inauguration of Kiran Specialty Hospital In Surat, Last Year

The following one also is from Vadodara Bus Stand which was inaugurated in Feb 2014 and which is Falsely claimed by Mr. Puneet Sharma as Feb 2018 i.e this year

This Fake wasn’t first by Mr. Puneet Sharma, he posted fakes earlier also and was debunked here

Fake survey under name of BBC claims BBC published Congress on 4th most corrupt Political Party in the world.


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