Frahan didn’t say this on Kasganj unfortunate events.

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An Image is viral with a photo of Celebrity Farhan Akhtar with a Text exclaiming to be his on the recent unfortunate communal violence in Kasganj.

The fake quote created by someone picked up by Postcard website who are good at spreading such fake news also did it which read
“It was Jumma (friday) on 26th January. Had Hindus not taken tiranga march through muslim majority area of Kasganj and raised provocative slogans like Vande Mataram they couldn’t have been killed”.

Dr. Gaurav Pradhan, followed by more than 1 lakh people is a serial fake news spreader, been caught many times, keep deleting when caught continuing with others.

Farhan Akhtar cleared it that he never said this quoting the tweet by Gaurav Pradhan, a serial fake news maker, who deleted the tweet later and confirming it.

On being called out fake by Farhan Akhtar, Gaurav Pradhan deleted his tweet accepting being wrong and questioning his parents.

Farhan replied to the avove

Farhan gave out a general message to all of his followers


Another Fake –

As mentioned above, For Dr. Gaurav Pradhan, it’s a routine, delete when caught but keep on with unverified stuff.

First –

At SMHoaxSlayer his fakes have been taken down few times

Athough the stamp is true but it’s not the only one, and not in honor of “Greatest”

Read details –

Did Turkey issue a stamp only for Modi ji as Greatest Leader of the World ?


Second –

A sarcastic photoshopped image of Delhi CM Kejriwal’s advertisement on Front Page of Newspapers was taken seriously by him which he deleted on being told about it


A photoshopped sarcasm taken seriously and made viral intentionally.


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