Story of a biggie’s lie and it’s uses.

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When a lie is loud, repetitive, in unity by a crowd, delivered big ones it becomes Truth.
Yesterday morning, MP Paresh Rawal twitted a photo challenging “Pseudo Liberals”.
Just a glance at the photo clears it’s fake. The image quality, the grammatical errors and above all, if so big, it’s complete absence on Internet proves it to be lie.
So where did Mr. Paresh picked it up from ? Yes you guessed it right.
He picked from “The WhatsApp University” and by posting it, being a responsible person, chosen by people, made it true.
When confronted on Twitter by me, helped by HoeZaay he acknowledged that he is not sure of it and believed in it because of Dr. Kalaam’s photo. Well, that way you guys can send him your thoughts next to some old respectable leader and he will again fall for them.
Now, why did he acknowledged that is not sure but didn’t delete the tweet, you may ask. Because his tweets are verses of a holy book and will be, or rather is used by other fake websites like Dainik Bharat.

The sequence of Story –

1. Paresh Rawal Tweets a fake Photo –

2. Exposed –

3. He is asked about it by HoeZaay –

4. He acknowledges that he didn’t check it, not sure –


5. Other Fake News creators used Paresh Rawal’s Tweet as genuine –


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