WhatsApp Scam in the name of #Indigo Airlines.

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You should post this in your personal WhatsApp groups as many have been a victim of such scam since years.

The usual, frequent WhatsApp scam is back, this time in the name of IndiGo Airlines giving you free tickets.

Let’s see how this Scam works followed by monetary benefit to the scammer and last many such scams, debunked by SMHoaxSlayer.

Process –

1.  This is what you receive on WhatsApp IndiGo Airlines is giving 2 Free Tickets to everyone to celebrate their 12th Anniversary, Click here to get yours (a URL)


2. Clicking on it opens a webpage in your default browser. It gives you a number of how many tickets are left to be given out and asks you a set of questions, if you have traveled with IndiGo before  etc.

3. On answering all the questions it congratulates you and tells you how to claim the ticket you’ve won.

It has three points
1. Share this in 5 groups of 15 friends via WhatsApp by clicking on it’s icon below,
2. Click on Claim Tickets and enter your address, usually this includes Your name, Mobile Number and Address
3. You will receive tickets with in 24 to 48 hours by Mail.

4. If you click on Claim Tickets without sharing on WhatsApp, it give a pop up notification that you must share to continue


How the scam works and the scammer earns –

Two things to catch these scams is –
1. False URL/domain name. If genuine, the URL should be goindigo.in or in other cases, genuine website
2. Share in 5/10 WhatsApp Groups or Friends

Here The URL is fake, ends with ‘club’.

Details of the URL –

This URL has been created just on 16th September 2018 and the owner has many such website registered with similar names

Share in 5/10 WhatsApp Groups or Friends

This is the core of earning by the scam makers.

On completion it asks for our name and mobile number. Usually thinking  it’s not asking for any money, we give out our personal details.

We share it in 10 WhatsApp groups with average 25 members each. Around 5-10 people from those groups do the same and so on.

Just within 24-48 hours, the scammer gets hold of lakhs of mobile numbers in his/her database which he sells to Tele Marketeers.

So we haven’t lost any money but we may start receiving calls for investment, real estate, insurance etc.

Further, Such messages are also in form of celebration of Diwali/independence day etc using which you can personalize the message and send to others with your name in beautiful fonts and colors.

These pages have a advertisement banners on top or bottom from which they earn. Such ad banners gets a view of lakhs of people for which the scam artist is paid.


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This doesn’t work for SIM Swap fraud.






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