Another WhatsApp Scam. You don’t get a phone but.. 

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Just another WhatsApp scam. You don’t get a Jio phone but you will certainly start receiving telemarketing calls selling you insurance, house, investment etc.

This is a very old scam format. Scamster books a domain name merely for RS. 99 and point it to a page looking genuine asking for your personal details which usually out of temptations you do give out.

The next step is the the core of this scam – share in 8/10 WhatsApp groups

If you do it, many more will fall for this ending up in lakhs of people.

The scamster gets holdof a database of lakhs of mobile numbers which he can sell to telemarketing companies.

Always check the domain me if it’s genuine e.g. is genuine, is not

Same with others also is fake

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Spread the truth:

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