Another WhatsApp Scam. You don’t get a phone but.. 

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Just another WhatsApp scam. You don’t get a Jio phone but you will certainly start receiving telemarketing calls selling you insurance, house, investment etc.

This is a very old scam format. Scamster books a domain name merely for RS. 99 and point it to a page looking genuine asking for your personal details which usually out of temptations you do give out.

The next step is the the core of this scam – share in 8/10 WhatsApp groups

If you do it, many more will fall for this ending up in lakhs of people.

The scamster gets holdof a database of lakhs of mobile numbers which he can sell to telemarketing companies.

Always check the domain me if it’s genuine e.g. Jio.com is genuine, jio-offers.com is not

Same with others also amazon-billion-follars-sale.com is fake

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Spread the truth:

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