Scam you must have fallen for – Earn Lakhs by investing only Rs. 100

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Did you get any of the following annoying call ?
– unsecured loans
– Insurance
– Apartment
– Investment
any other such TeleMarketing Call ?
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The basic ingredient behind this scam which the con artist make use of is our greed, carelessness.
Quite often we come across a message shared by relative or friends which looks very tempting, unbelievable. And since it doesn’t ask you for money, you try it thinking “Kaun sa mera paisa lag raha hai?
Another Scam. Don’t fall for such messages which has a clause “Share in 5 other WhatsApp Groups
Posted 2 years back too.

Modus Operandi –

1. Book a Domain rhyming/looking like the real thing e.g. JIO/Amazon/SnapDeal etc.. but with long domain names with special characters etc.
How to check: Usually genuine sites don’t use this whatsapp method but id they do genuine message shall contain the parent site as domain followed by “/” followed by sub folders e.g. www.Amazon.com/xyz while such frauds have www.amazon-xyz.com. And much lengthier with special characters e.g. www.flipkart-big-billion-sale.com

2. Domain is forwarded to their usual hosting server with changed page, if the domain has JIO, they create a JIO looking page, if domain has Amazon, they host a page looking like Amazon.
How to check: when opened in browser, select “Desktop Mode”. Such fraud messages remain in same vertical mode meant for mobile. The genuine ones are responsive, they change shape as per desktop.

3. These page tempt you with fake offers and ask you for your Name, Address and above all your Mobile Number
If you fall for such scam, after a month you will receive a call for various offers i.e TeleMarketing e.g. unsecured loans, investment etc.

4. Once you fill in your details it asks you to share in 5 WhatsApp groups. On an average a WhatsApp group has around 25 users, out of which 5-10 will fall for it thinking its free, “mere baap ka kya jata hai?” who ultimately share in further 5 groups and so on which ultimately reaches lakhs of people over night.
How to check: The dangerous clause to share in more WhatsApp groups.

5. Their job is done but still in some cases they ask you to install an app which basically is a malware, show you advertisements and slow down your mobile.

6. You are never gonna get what you did all this for, but you do will get these TeleMarketing Calls though.
Look at the beauty and cleverness of this scam –

1. All they invested in Rs. 99, a domain name booking (Usually all offer Rs. 99 for first time, after an year raise it to 700-800 Rs.) but in such scams the domain is only needed for a week or two

2. The hosting is common for each new domain, doesn’t cost much, few thousands per year.

3. Now as explained in point 4 above, they end up having a database of lakhs of Mobile Numbers, that too genuine as you gave your real number in temptation for the offer.
They sell such database to TeleMarketing services, investment firms, insurance firms, Builders etc for lakhs of Rs.

4. I’m sure you missed the gem underneath the offer, Google AdSense Banner. Lakhs of people had been to that page, image how much will these Scamsters earn through such page which gets lakhs of visitors in a day.
PS: Google AdSense and many such advertising services place advertisements on somone’s webpage and pay according to traffic and clicks.
So basically you have been cheated and made someone a millionaire without any work at all.

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