Now after Media, Will Supreme Court accept a WhatsApp image as proof too ? LOL

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An image, with a sensational headline “Country’s Largest ever Scam by Jio” has been viral since yesterday, mostly on WhatsApp and then suddenly a Supreme Court Lawyer, Rather most popular and credible one tweets it too.

The Sensational Headline makes your eyes glued to the so called news
“Country’s Largest Scam – Jio ditched India buy buying 30 crore Phones from China”
Jio is against Make In India…

Full Image –


Well, it does sounds shocking but then is it really true ?

Let’s dig the image in detail –

1. Why is this news in main stream media ?
2. The image viral is digital, not a photo of printed news paper. So such images are usually PDFs posted on News Paper’s E-Paper part. i.e entire Digital News Paper is uploaded daily on Official website of the News Paper. But this one is no where to be found.
3. This Name “Dainik Ujaala” is no where to be found on entire internet, so doesn’t exist at all.
4. On top right a website is printed “www.dainikujaala.com” which doesn’t even open.

5. OK, So the server may be down yo you may say but then, even the domain hasn’t been booked at all

5. With the heading i.e date, details, city, this looks like a front page of the news paper but then how can front page have just one news and nothing else ?

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Spread the truth:

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