This doesn’t work for SIM Swap fraud.

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A message is viral on WhatsApp that an official from Kolkata Police Dept has issued a warning and method of SIM swap and how can your data etc can be stolen and you may ending up loosing your money via credit/debit cards


Dear All,

Pls read this message very carefully:

“Fraud called SIM SWAP has started. Your phone network will go zero and after sometime a call will come. Person will tell you that he is calling from Airtel/Vodafone/Jio and there is a problem in your mobile network. Please press 1 on your phone to get the network back. Once you press 1, the network once again become zero and your phone is hacked. This is called as SIM SWAP fraud, which is increasing day by day. Within second they will empty your bank account and you will not know as your phone is switched and you will not get any information from bank that money is being withdrawn.”

So please be careful.
Msg from K. Barui ( Kolkata Police, Cyber Cell Dept)

Forwarded as received.”


Unofficial page in the name of Assam Police having 284 shares –



Truth –

Although SIM swap farud is a serious threat and have affected many and yes it can drain your bank account but just pressing “1” can’t do it.

One need to place a Network Jammer in your physical neighborhood, rather in your house to bring your network down to Zero unless it’s some real Celluar service provider or natural problem.

Plus, just by pressing “1” one can’t access your phone.

News Paper Asian Age reports

“MUMBAI: Mumbai has seen a rise of around 3,000 complaints against ‘SIM-swap’ fraud in the first four months of the year, which involves a caller acquiring details related to a debit or credit card to steal money. The figure of cases from January to April this year came to about 20,351 cases, whereas last year’s corresponding figure was 17,724. The police is working on sending notices to telecom companies to put up better firewalls, which can stop the cases of SIM swaps.

Explaining the scamsters’ modus operandi, an official from the cyber police said, “The scam is operated at three levels.

At the first level, the mastermind targets the victims and gets hold of their phone details from the company.

At the second level, the accused collects bank details and identity proof of the victim.

Then at the third level, the accused executes the plan, and sends messages of various fake transactions of the bank, giving victims the impression that their card has been misused. Following this, the accused calls the victim impersonating the mobile company employee, and get details like the Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Card Verification Value (CVV).”

According to the data procured by The Asian Age, the numbers of cases of SIM swaps have gone up quite significantly showing a rise in the trend. In the whole of 2017, about 31,674 such cases were registered. In this type of scam, a criminal registers an existing number of a cellular company’s client on a new SIM card.”

It’s all about CVV printed on backside of your card or giving out your OTP which you shouldn’t in any case. Through phishing mails or calls pretending to be from Banks etc, they try to get your personal info with which they can get a new SIM card issued which was has your number and start getting OTPs. Yes, as soon as the company issue another SIM card, your mobile’s network will become Zero “No Service” as your SIM card won’t be active anymore.

HDFC Bank explains on it’s website how it works and how you can save yourself

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