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Those were not the last moments of people died in Indonesia Plane crash in Sea.

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A Viral video showing inside of a flying plane with people in panic and praying is claimed as ‘Last Moments’ of the recent unfortunate crash of a Plane JT 610, Lion Airlines, Indonesia. It crashed in Sea and till now, as the media reported, no one survived.

The video is shaking as might have been taken with a mobile by a passenger. The inside lights are also off, so quite dark in there. People are in panic mode, few praying, “Allah Hu Akbar” is also heard in the video.

A Verified Arab News house “RT Arabic” tweeted
اللحظات الأخيرة داخل الطائرة الإندونيسية المنكوبة
TranslationLast moments inside the Indonesian plane

Kashmir News 24×7 FB Page

Truth –

The Plane in the video is not the one which crashed. It’s a different plane from same airlines Lion JT 353 which experienced severe turbulence because of which the passengers panicked and prayed. They all landed safely later.

Indonesian disaster agency spokesman ‘Sutopo Purwo Nugroho’ tweeted –

Video ini BUKAN penumpang pesawat Lion Air JT 610. Tetapi ini penumpang pesawat Lion Air JT 353 Padang-Jakarta yang turbulensi dan semua penumpang selamat beberapa waktu yang lalu. Tidak ada video/foto kondisi penumpang sebelum JT 610 jatuh. Jangan ikut menyebarkan hoax.

Translation by GoogleThis video is NOT a passenger of the Lion Air JT 610 aircraft. But this passenger of the Lion Air JT 353 Padang-Jakarta plane was turbulent and all the passengers survived some time ago. There are no videos / photos of passenger conditions before JT 610 falls. Don’t participate in spreading hoaxes.

He cleared that It’s JT 353 which experienced turbulence and all passengers are safe. It’s not JT 610 which crashed.He also asked all not to spread Fake News regarding this unfortunate incident.

He also called off another Wrongly quoted picture of a baby,only survivor of the crash which is false.

He also called off another one. These are not the passengers of JT 610



He asked all not to spread Fake News also


More False ones –




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