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@PayTM note this #Scam
Read full for methodology.
These types of Scams mostly on WhatsApp just need your mobile numbers to get a huge database of few lakhs of numbers which can be sold for Tele marketing to sell products.

How to identify such scams ?
1. Offer is unbelievable, free or very cheap.
2. The URL (website name) is not original and is made up to look like original. Original – www.paytm.com while this is diff. Same with all other scams e.g. www.amazon-big.billions-offers.com is fake, should be www.amazon.com/offers/…
Always sub-domain
3. Usually such companies doesn’t promote on WhatsApp, they use traditional media like print and TV, youtube, facebook ads etc.
4. The Biggest catch here is “Share on 5-10 WhatsApp groups” This is the way of chain propagation.

What’s your weakness ?
Typical Indian mentality –
“Mera Kya jata hai try karne me, kaun sa paisa lag raha hai”

And so you give them your mobile number and share on 10 WhatsApp groups where again 100s also give out theirs and again share to another set of groups and it goes on and on…..

So the con artist invested only 200 rs to book a domain, he gets lakhs of mobile numbers within 2-3 days only which can be sold in lakhs too. https://www.facebook.com/SMHoaxSlayer/photos/a.147357335599672.1073741828.140690692933003/395549190780484/?type=3

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Spread the truth:

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