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Irnonically Pakistanis are spreading a video of their army raising White flag at LoC claiming as Indian army

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A video is viral in Pakistan claiming Indian Army hoists white flag to collect dead bodies of the soldiers who were killed by Pakistani Army at LoC.

A tweet by Zahid Siddique has been retweeted by more than 1300 people

“#IndianArmy hoists white flag to collect the dead bodies of their soldiers who were killed by the Pakistan Army at the Line of Control clashes. #PakistanArmy zinda bad


Pakistan painda bad.”

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Following Facebook post has been shared by more than 1400 people



This is a month old Video i.e. Sep 2019 and ironically the Army raising the white flag is Pakistani, not ours.

ANI tweeted this video on 14th Sep 2019

“#WATCH Hajipur Sector: Indian Army killed two Pakistani soldiers in retaliation to unprovoked ceasefire violation by Pakistan. Pakistani soldiers retrieved the bodies of their killed personnel after showing white flag. (10.9.19/11.9.19)

This is not the first time that Pakistani’s spread Fake News against India.

Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s Party tweeted two old videos stitched together claiming to be recent from Kashmir.

Pakistani accounts falsely spreading video of a husband flogging his wife as Hindus beating a woman.

A Pakistani minister tweets edited old videos falsely claiming it from Kashmir.

Pakistanis falsely claim Police lathi-charge Muslims in a Mosque.

These snippets of News shared by Pakistani Media on Air Strikes are FAKE

Pakistani media uses a Photoshopped image as source against India.

More Fakes


GTV Network – https://twitter.com/GTVNetworkHD/status/1185872234528808960





List is endless – https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=indian+army+white+flag&sp=EgIIAw%253D%253D

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