Pakistani media uses a Photoshopped image as source against India.

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A Khalistan Supporter Gurmeet Kaur tweeted a photoshopped image against India which a Pakistani News channel used as source.

Gurmeet Kaur, tweeted a photo of TV Screen (Not screenshot) with wall in background. It read

“Breaking News – 21 Sikh Regiment refused to fight for India”

This tries to paint a FALSE Anti-India picture that a part of Indian Army doesn’t stand with country.


The above tweet is used as source for a Pakistani news channel Abb Takk TV

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A Congress leader Salman Nizami tweeted the same –

Politician /Writer /Gandhian by heart/ Nehruvian by Soul/ Indian 🇮🇳 by blood.

Rohini Singh, Journalist of The Wire also retweeted someone elses’s tweet but tweet itself was deleted later


Below is the original photo

The difference between the shape of ‘T’ is clear in the photoshopped image. The above ‘T’ is thicker then the one below.

Republic TV ran a program in 2 years ago i.e. 2017 claiming to have highest viewership 61% among all News channels.

A digital media site, NewsLaundry ran a story on this

India Today Versus Republic: Who won the TRP battle?

Within its short lifespan of about a month, Republic TV and its commander-in-chief Arnab Goswami managed to ruffle quite a few feathers. The channel has been dragged to court for defamation, intellectual property theft andflouting the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India rules. While the first two cases are essentially battles between private citizens and companies — their impact on media discourse notwithstanding — it is the third case that concerns you, the viewer.

This isn’t just a battle between the National Broadcasters Association (NBA) and Republic, but a war for your attention and what comes with it — TRPs and advertisements…..


A Pakistani News channel which itself is inspired from an Indian News Channel Aaj Tak used a photoshopped image as News.



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