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The viral video of two dairy man adulterating milk is not from India.

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A video of two-man putting their hand into the milk container and also using his mouth to open the milk container. Both of them are also dipping their hand inside the container is alleged to be from India. People all over social media are claiming that the video is from India.

The viral clip is getting more attention as the description of the video says,देख लीजिए क्या चल रहा है खुलेआम सड़कों पर #पानी मिलाते हैं और शायद लगता है दूध के #कंटेनर में यह #थूक भी रहे हैं अब तो दूधवाला भी #सनातनी ढूंढना पड़ेगा… #थूक_जिहादी_शांतिदूत”

Translation: ” See what is going on, openly mix water on the streets and maybe it seems that they are spitting in the container of milk, now even the milkman will have to find a #sanatani… #spit_jihadi_peacedog”.

This brings in the communal angle into the picture. The video is being shared on various platforms. 




The video clip is not from India but Pakistan. 

While searching more about the video, we broke the video into several keyframes. Through Invid, we managed to get an image of the company name of the tempo. The company name is Siwa Cargo Loader. With the help of this clue, we started searching about the company. We ran a google reverse image search that showed results of a few Pakistani people posting similar videos on social media claiming that the incident had occurred in Lahore, Pakistan.

Many Pakistani people took this incident to Facebook and Youtube with a description in Urdu- ||دودھ میں ملاوٹ || لاہوریوں کےلیے تحفہ|| کھلا دودھ سےپرہیزکریں|| which when translated into English said,” || Mixing in milk || Gifts for Lahoreis || Avoid open milk ||




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Shriya Handoo

MA- Journalism student at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications.