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Pakistanis falsely claim Police lathi-charge Muslims in a Mosque.

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A tweet (now deleted) by Javaid Shaikh, Pakistan, was viral yesterday which said  “Indian Police beating Muslim in Mosque while offering prayer (Masjid). #India”


Sabena Siddiqi, a Pakistani journalist with Asia Times also believed in it and replied “Terrible”




This incident happened in Aligarh, UP last year, June 2018. Police laticharge Hindu Jagran Manch volunteers protesting at SSP office

The Hindu Jagran Manch (HJM) Tuesday alleged that 10 of its workers were injured in police lathicharge at Aligarh while they were protesting outside the SSP’s office.

The HJM supporters were demanding arrest of a cinema hall manager, who was booked in February for allegedly firing at two HJM members.

Police said they were compelled to use force after the protesters stopped visitors from entering the office of the SSP, and “misbehaved” with them. The SSP was not in the office at the time.

Source: The Indian Express

The sane video was posted on Facebook 9 months ago


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