Don’t need fake news to respect our army, we already do.

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Indian army is defending our borders outside, defending natural calamities inside, so they do not need #FakeNews .
Time and again, many wrong images videos gets vial in the name of Indian Army.

Currently in the name of Kerala floods few photos and videos are viral



Truth –
It’s not from Kerala floods 2018, the above photo is from Iraq year 2016 or before

Source – AltNews



Although the original credible source couldn’t be found but this photo dates back 8 years ago i.e 2010 from China, click here for proof

In fact a mainstream media indiatimes also has goofed up in year 2013 claiming this to be Indian Army

Our army is already working in Kerala, saving people and people thanking them.

Many such Fake News about Indian Army has been debunked by SMHoaxSlayer in last few years –

Don’t use fake photos to elevate respect for Army.

Two Indian soldiers sitting on a twig defying Physics?

Do we really need lies to respect our Army ? Don’t we already ?

How to make money using social media ? Laughing colors teaches you.

That viral video of injured soldier giving instructions is not of Martyr Major Moharkar.

How one can mint money from your patriotism !

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