An edited image of a News18 program is viral crediting Modi for Bagdadi’s death.

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An image of a program #AarPaar #BigPublicDebate shown on @HindiNews18 anchored by @amishdevgan is viral which shows the title of the program as “मोदी के दबाव के चलते ट्रम्प ने किया बगदादी को ढेर”
Translation: “Trump killed Bagdadi under pressure of Modi”

Following tweet by Ziddi Zoya has been retweeted by more than 2100 people

A tweet by Rajesh has been tweeted more than 500 times
Along with the image, he wrote – “इस चुचिए की अलग ही फ्रिक्वेंसी रहती है 😂😂?
इसके मां-बाप से पूछना चाहता हूं कि उन्होंने क्या खाकर इसे पैदा किया, कृपया बताएं ये देशहित मे होगा ताकि लोग इस जैसे दलाल संतान को ना जनम दे सके?”

Following post by a Facebook page “Beware of FROUD MEDIA” has been shared more than 500 times.


The viral image is fake, it’s been doctored.

Following are the points explaining why it’s fake

1. The image couldn’t be found on any credible source, not even on the news channel or Anchor’s social media timelines (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or website)

2. Edited one has Flat colored background while the genuine one has shades

3. Top right, the photo of Bagdadi is added digitally, super imposed on Imran Khan’s photo. It switches color from Black to Grey and goes out of the background while in real ones it doesn’t.

4. Hindi font is thin and white which is not used by the channel, they use yellow and thicker fonts.


Comparision of Modified (Fake) vs original



The original image was uploaded on News18 platforms on 24th Sep 2019

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