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The man caught with ammunition is not a Kashmiri shawl vendor.

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A video is viral on social media which shows a man being tightly held by 4-5 men, while the other men procure items like a pistol and binoculars. The man in the frame is being searched by the ones holding him. This video was posted from the Twitter handle of Nandini Idnani on 22nd February 2019.

The video is captioned: “Kashmiri shawl selling man caught w arms ammunition in #Punjab last year don’t know w @capt_amarinder or @NIA_India did #PulwamaAttack #ShameOnAntiNationals @jeetensingh @Road2India @LillyMaryPinto @singh_harmeet84 @MukeshMakhija3 @misterviru @Reema_bjp @DevilonearthNR “.

This post has received 511 retweets and 459 likes on Twitter.


The post was also shared by actress and supermodel Ms. Koena Mitra (@koenamitra) thus resulting in more circulation of the fake information. The post shared by her has received over 1.3k likes and 738 retweets.


It is claimed that the man in the frame is a Kashmiri shawl peddler who was caught carrying arms and ammunition in Punjab last year. This video has grabbed the attention of the masses following the Pulwama terror attack. This video was also uploaded from the Facebook account of Suresh Sharma captioned :


अपने घर की और पड़ोस की औरतों को मना करें कि किसी भी कश्मीरी से कम्बल और कपड़े आदि सामान न खरीदे।देखिये कपडा बेचने वाले के वेश मे उग्रवादी घूम रहे है शक होने पर पंजाब मे पकडा गया आतंकी साथ मे पिस्टल और लोडेड मैगजीन।

Translation: Be careful – be careful – refuse your house and neighboring women that do not buy any other blankets from blankets and clothes. See, the militants are roaming in the garb of the seller who sells the clothes, the terrorists caught in Punjab, along with the pistol and loaded magazines. 


This post has received over 10 thousand shares and 304k views.


The original video came out in November 2017 i.e. two years ago. Mistaken for a terrorist, Suvesh Srivastav, a resident of Balurai New Colony, Muzaffarnagar in Bihar was captured by the locals when he was seen with a pistol. After interrogation, the real story unveiled out. Srivastav had initially planned to kill his former lover’s husband. Initially, Srivastav and his lover were supposed to get married but the girl’s family did not approve of the marriage and forced her to marry another man. Infused with rage and hurt, Srivastav decided to murder the girl’s beloved husband. The police upon search had recovered 9mm pistol, 10 cartridges, two magazines, one telescope and one mobile phone from the accused. Source


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This video is also available on the Facebook account of Anurag Sharma captioned: “This man was caught by locals of punjab…he is actually a terrorist. Was found selling Kashmiri shawls in punjab…beware & stay alert!!!”

The video was also posted by a twitter account named Xxx (@Self_Plagiarism).


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