Did Manish Sisodia slam Arvind Kejriwal over vaccination advertisements?

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Major Surendra Poonia recently shared a video on Twitter where the Deputy CM of Delhi Manish Sisodia slams CM Arvind Kejriwal on vaccination ads. It is now going viral on social media.

Claims: The caption with the video read, “Why Mr Arvind Kejriwal doesn’t listen to Sh. Manish Sisodiya? #AdManKejriwal.” In the video, Sisodia talks about how the government is overspending on vaccination advertisements, the same featuring Delhi CM Kejriwal start showing up on the other side. Tweeting this video, Poonia claims that the Deputy CM does not support the CM of Delhi Kejriwal.






The shared video is misleading Manish Sisodia has not spoken against Arvind Kejriwal. The viral video has been trimmed from a longer one, changing it’s meaning

The viral video is a part of a press conference addressed by the Deputy CM of Delhi. During the event held on 21st June, Sisodia is slamming the vaccine policy of the central government. This conference video is heavily edited and coupled with Arvind Kejriwal’s vaccination advertisements to make it look like Sisodia is referring to the Delhi CM.

Manish Sisodia and the Aam Aadmi Party shared the original conference video on their official Twitter accounts.

The clips at the following time stamps have been picked up from the original video to create the viral video:

  1. 5:28 – 5:31Vigyaapan purey desh ke akhbaaron mein full page chaape hue hain…
  2. 6:03 – 6:16Purey purey desh mein chaar-chaar, paanch-paanch akhbaaron mein aaj, ek-ek akhbaar mein chaar-chaar, paanch-paanch vigyaapan hain! Itna paisa agar vaccine khareedney pe laga diya hota toh purey desh mein bahar se bhi vaccine uplabdh hone lagti.
  3. 6:39 – 6:43Mai kehna chaahta hoon ki logon ko vigyaapan ki nahi, vaccine ki zaroorat hai.
  4. 7:05 – 7:13Aur upar se afsaron pe dabaav daal rahe hain ki vigyaapan dijiye, vaccine toh de nahi rahe, vigyaapan de rahe hain! 
  5. 8:02 – 8:06 –  Lekin bina vaccine ke bas vigyaapan dete chale jaiye!

In the original video, Sisodia criticizes the central government for pressurizing the state governments to publish ads thanking the PM for providing free vaccines. He even shows several newspapers with such advertisements. Later, Sisodia requests the central government to provide Delhi required vaccine doses and promises to take the responsibility of publishing these ads across Delhi once the entire Delhi population is vaccinated.



There is a possibility that Poonia was trying to mock the Delhi Government over its own advertisements of the vaccination drive featuring the Delhi CM. However, at 18 seconds in the viral video, appears a poster advertisement where Arvind Kejriwal is congratulating people of the area on the construction of a speed breaker.

Interestingly enough, this is a morphed poster. We have already debunked it at SMHoaxSlayer. The fact-check is available here. Hence, it is eventually both misleading and fake.

Delhi CM didn’t congratulate Delhi for a ‘speed breaker’, the viral image is edited.


Other fact-checkers like WebqoofThe Logical Indian and Boomlive have also debunked the viral video.

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