The viral photo of AAP Gujarat’s banner is morphed, giving it a communal angle.

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Social media is trending with Gujarat’s Aam Aadmi Party hoarding mentioning that Gujarat will now offer Namaz. The poster which is photoshopped says, “નમાજ પઢશે ગુજરાત, ભાગવત સપ્તાહ અને સત્યનારાયણની કથા જેવી ફાલતુ પ્રવૃત્તિ છોડો”

Translation: Gujarat will now offer Namaz. It also suggested to stop performing Bhagwat Saptah and Satyanarayan Pooja. It was tweeted by renowned journalists, common man etc. The poster is viral on Facebook.



Ravindra Gupta (BJP MLA Candidate MatiyaMahal 20 Gen Sec BJP Delhi State -2017 To 20 Mayor, North Delhi – 2014 To15 Deputy Mayor North Delhi – 2013 To14) tweeted –
“गुजरात वालो — नमाज़ पढ़ाने आया है — रोज़े गले डालकर भेजना केजरीवाल के — #kejriwal_exposed @ArvindKejriwal @AAPGujarat

English Translation: “People of Gujarat, has come to make you offer prayers, Sending fasting by hugging Kejriwal”



Surjit Dasgupta, Founder, editor-in-chief, Sirf News  tweeted –


Renuka Jain tweeted


Above handle, Renuka Jain is followed by the following verified handles –





The viral photo is morphed with the headline changed, text added underneath, beard and cap added to photo of Gopal Italia.

We did a reverse image search but was unable to find anything. We have gone through the comments on the tweets, people have mentioned that it is an edited hoarding. We found the tweet by Aam Aadmi Party Mehsana (archive). 

AAP’s official handle tweeted

Renuka Jain’s tweet was retweeted, like quite many times but she deleted

The real banner has Isudan Gadhvi in main frame in greeting mode, with Gopal Italia and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on right corner.

It was also posted on the Twitter handle of AAP Dang District | #Mission2022 (archive

While comparing both the images we found photoshopped elements.

  1. In the place of “હવે બદલાશે ગુજરાત “, it is written “નમાજ પઢશે ગુજરાત” which means “Gujarat will offer Namaz”
  2. In the original picture, we can see an empty space in the blue colour, while the picture is edited with the text “ભાગવત સપ્તાહ અને સત્યનારાયણની કથા જેવી ફાલતુ પ્રવૃત્તિ છોડો”. It is translated as “Stop performing Bhagwat Saptah and Staynarayan Pooja”.
  3. Gopal Italia’s photo has been edited with the beard and Islamist looking man.


You can see the comparision of the edited vs real content below –

Look at  the viral image closely and you’ll find what’s wrong –


The top headline is not parallel to it’s surroundings

Gopal Italia’s face has been morphed on someone else with beard and turban


Below are the more photos of the actual banner


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Disha Palkhiwala

Student of Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune