A tweet from Navjot Singh Sidhu’s impersonating account is viral.

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From a cricketer to a television personality to a politician to a man in controversy, Mr. Navjot Singh Siddhu seems to have seen it all. But now, there has been a organized social media attack on him.

A tweet is viral under his name, photo. By now it’s been retweeted by 4000 people, liked by 28000 and viral on WhatsApp and Facebook too considering it to be genuine, i.e from the horse’s mouth

The tweet says-

“Today I have been invited by the Government of Pakistan On the occasion of opening the . I am grateful 2Prime Minister Imran khan & Army chief.All Sikh community is thankful 2Pakistan. Pakistan is my second home. And I’ll definitely come on this happy occasion”

WhatsApp –

Facebook –


This is a fake/impersonating account created last month i.e. October 2018. It’s not verified too i.e. Blue tick

Genuine account

How this viral tweet and the handle was organized ?

If you are on twitter, you must already be in know of that how difficult it is to get followers, retweets, replies even over the years you joined twitter.

But this account, with just 8 tweets, just within a month has now 6300 followers. That one tweet got 4000 retweets. What was so earth shattering about it ?

In fact just yesterday it had approx 1500 followers and now crossed 6000.

This is not the first time, people fell for impersonating accounts earlier too

When Congress AICC Secretary fell for a parody account to make fun of our Defence Minister.

An organized army on Twitter using popular names.

#Trolling #Hatred #FakeNews #Abuse affecting country and your bit to curb it.



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