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Year 2010 Gujarat video of a burning man is viral claimed as recent from Uttar Pradesh.

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A disturbing video of a burning man running out of a building and shouting is viral on Social media claimed as a recent crime in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh.

“कुछ डरे हुए शान्तिदूत ” इमरान, रमज़ान निज़ामुद्दीन, ओर तुफैल ने मामूली विवाद मे विष्णु गोस्वामी को ज़िंदा जलाया , मौत अखलाख पर रोने वाले अब मोन कयु , या इंसान के लिए भी धर्म देखकर आवाज उठाई जाएगी । 😠😠😠😠 Note – वीडियो विचलित कर सकता है ।”

English Translation: “Few afraid peace messengers Imran, Ramzan, Nizamuddin and Tufail burnt Vishnu Goswami for a petty fight. Death #Gonda,  Will anyone raise his voice who cried for Ekhlakh ?
Note: Video may disturb you” 

Above tweet by @AkhileshThakurs till now had approx 2500 retweets




The text along with the video is trueVictim Vishnu Goswami, a 22 year old man was burned who is in hospital now with 65% burns and the four accused, Imran, Ramzan, Nizamudeen and Tufail have been arrested.

But the disturbing video of the burning man is 9 years old i.e. 2010. As reported in media, the victim Kalpesh Mistry burnt himself in a Unjha Police Station, Gujarat because two journalists invoked him.

You can see the comparison of the screenshot from the now viral video, same colored car is parked.

Indian Express printed the story in Year 2010

In his plea, Gujarat News cameraman-cum-photographer Mayur Rawal has stated that the FIR lodged against him on August 15 at the Unjha police station is false.

Rawal stated that he has been working with Gujarat News for the last four years and doing his job as per the rules. “The dispute was between the family — Kalpesh Mistry (the deceased) and his stepmother, Chandrika Mistry. The reporters have been dragged into it by the police,” states the anticipatory bail plea.

According to the police, Mayur has mentioned in the plea that they had made a video of the incident as they wanted to save him through this. “We had called the police and other people, but the fire spread too fast. We tried to reach him (Kalpesh), but could not.”

The plea adds: “To douse the fire, we had no other option except our cameras. Due to unbearable mental stress exerted by the police, Kalpesh committed suicide in their presence. We have taken the footage to support this. The incident was also recorded by Kamlesh Rawal, Vinod Rawal and Chandresh Parmar.” – Indian Express

SMHoaxSlayer was the first to find this video and reply to the query on May 17th 2019


Gonda Police messaged SMHoaxSlayer for the proof i.e. URL of the 2013 video and we obliged

Gonda Police also cleared that this unfortunate crime wasn’t because of  any communal reasons


The earliest we could find was the video uploaded on YouTube in 2013. 25th March 2013

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Many used the video only or it’s screenshot along with other photos






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