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Old photo is viral falsely claiming HM Amit Shah has been arrested, hiding handcuffs under handkerchief.

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A photo of Amit Shah went viral recently garnering thousands of shares on Facebook falsely claiming he has been handcuffed, hiding it under the Handkerchief . In that photo the Minister of Home Affairs can be seen walking into a building surrounded by policemen.


An unclear photo of Amit Shah recently went viral on Facebook with the claim that the picture is from when Amit Shah was arrested. The picture went viral along with an embedded caption-

Translation“See the misfortune of the country, once a fugitive is now the Home Minister of the country. When Amit Shah was handcuffed (covered under a handkerchief) and taken to the court. Please make this historic picture viral.”


The following post was uploaded by ‘Manohar Shrivastava’ on May 16th and has garnered over 9.5k shares.


The following post was uploaded by ‘Gautam Singh Kohliyan’ on 19th May and has 357 shares.


The claim is false. In a clearer image, Amit Shah can be seen wiping his hands with handkerchief and no handcuffs can be seen.

On doing Google reverse image search, the same photo can be seen in an article posted by The Hindu (PTI photo), posted 10 years back (August 13th 2010). The photo was used in the article in relation with the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case in which Amit Shah was top accused along with other police inspectors. The caption of the picture in that article is-

File photo shows officials taking former Gujarat minister Amit Shah to the CBI office in Gandhinagar on August 8 in connection with the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case. The Supreme Court on Thursday granted the CBI three months’ time to complete the investigation in the case

A closer look at the image reveals that there are no handcuffs in the picture.

This is not the first time this picture went viral on social media.

The same photo appeared in twitter earlier this January, tweeted by ‘Kamran Khan’


This post was uploaded ‘टकलू तड़ीपार Taklu Tadipar’ on December 9th 2018.


This photo has made rounds on social media even before and is viral again on Facebook. This misleading claim was also busted by Facthunt.

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