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This offer for donating 4 Kidneys is old and was fake then too.

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A Message offering  4 kidneys from a brain dead couple who met an accident is viral.

It says

“Dear all
Important , 04 kidney available. Due to Mr. Sudhir and his wife met an accident yesterday, doctor declared brain dead Mr. Sudhir is B+ and his wife O+ , his family want to donate their kidney for humanity. plz circulate. Contact 98372#####”

Congress Minister, Shashi Tharoor tweeted –


India Today Journalist, Geeta Mohan tweeted –

9th June 2021 –



Ramkumar Jayaraman’s post by now has approx 23768 shares


No such offer was made plus sharing such message in public is a crime.

The same exact message was viral more than a year ago too. The below tweet is of 12th Oct 2017

Aug 2018 – This was wrong too.

The Mobile Number belongs to a Nephrologist in Meerut, Dr. Sandeep Garg.

SMHoaxSlayer contacted him and following is what he narrated –

He had this issue since September 2017, he tried filing a Police complain but on their suggestion filed a complain to the cyber cell.

He doesn’t want to disconnect this number as he has been has this number since last 13 years and almost all of his patients has the same number.

He believe someone gave out his number in such a way as a prank or to harass him.

Further, Sharing/forwarding such message i.e. Organ Donation is illegal/crime as per Human Organ Transplant Act-1994.

One similar case happened in Karnataka in which Times of India reported

A similar case indeed took place 6 years ago i.e. 2015.
D Sudhir, a 22 year old student ended up Brain dead after an accident after which his parents donated the organs, Source – Times of India


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