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Three fake tweet screenshots are viral claimed as late Sushant’s last tweets.

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A set of 3 alleged screenshots of last tweets of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput is viral claimed he deleted before his death. Few mainstream media made a program based on this images.

Following is the Aajtak’s tweet which they deleted later but is archived here

They deleted their article also, but the URL suggest the purpose of article –


“Actor Sushant Singh Rajput last three tweets before he attempted suicide revealed”


KRKBoxOffice, a twitter handle which belongs to Kamal R Khan, a businessman also tweet


Many other self-claimed news portals used these images as proofs





Navodaya Times



Late Sushant didn’t tweet these. these are digitally altered/fake

Following are the reasons why these images are not screenshots of the Tweets i.e. Late Sushant didn’t tweet these –

    1. This tweet couldn’t be found on his timeline.
    2. First of all, a screenshot alone shouldn’t be treated as a proof as it’s pretty easy to create one using basic image editing tools.
    3. Not even a single handle/profile who made the screenshot viral/tweeted/posted gave the URL/Link of the tweet in question.
    4. Everyone used one single image. In such cases, when hurt/offended different people take screenshots from different devices/mode e.g. taken on Mobile, on desktop (broader), dark/black background, many uses different fonts etc too.  None of these were found anywhere.
    5. The tweet has not been archived on the usual archiving services i.e. archive.is and web.archive.org by anyone which could’ve proved that the tweet indeed was on his timeline and was deleted later. for e.g. you can click on “archive” written on above Facebook post and tweets.
    6. No quote on these tweets were found
    7. “to:user-id” gives out replies to a user-id but in this case none was found to be recent. Last replies found were of Dec 2019 which also was his last tweet.
    8. All there images have exact same time i.e. 5:43 AM, it isn’t possible to write such long tweets withing just one minute
    9. One image shows “View Tweet Activity”. This shows how many people saw this tweet, retweeted, clicked on it etc. This facility i.e. “View Tweet Activity” is only available to the owner of the user-id himself, not to the audience/followers.
    10. A tweet can be seen only in two modes. Either on timeline along with other tweets or a specific tweet by clicking on it. While on timeline the picture of the user in a circle is on the left of the tweet/text but on the specific tweet profile image is exactly on the tweet/text with left alignment. But in this case it’s not perfectly aligned
    11. Also the font of the user-id and dates is different then the one in tweet i.e. text
    12. Tweet uses a capital letter for month but in these images “jun” the letter”j” is small, should be “Jun”

Following is a graphic check

A similar fake screenshots of Rahul Gandhi was viral yesterday with word “actor” digitally replaced by “cricketer”

A fake screenshot of a tweet claiming Rahul Gandhi used “Cricketer” for Late Sushant Singh Rajput is viral.



Also a fake screenshot of Jaaved Jaafery was viral last month


The viral alleged screenshot of actor Jaaved Jaaferi’s tweet is fake.


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