The viral alleged screenshot of actor Jaaved Jaaferi’s tweet is fake.

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A image claimed as screenshot of actor @jaavedjaaferi ‘s tweet is viral with following text –

“जरुरी नहीं की थूक लगाकर फल और सब्जी बेच रहे सभी मुस्लमान कोरोना पॉजिटिव हो. फिर भी कुछ हिन्दू ग्राहक मुस्लिम विक्रेताओं का बहिस्कार कर नफरत फैला रहें हैं . इतने असहिष्णु क्यूँ हैं आप ?”
Translation: “It’s not necessary that every Muslim selling fruit and vegetable spat on it is Corona Positive. Still few Hindu customer are boycotting Muslim venros and spreading hatred. Why are you so impatient ?”

The image below is viral


We could find this probably posted first on Social Media by Dee Kay Tripathi
16th April 2020, 16:46

Along with the image, he wrote सोचो जब बुद्धिजीवी इतने बड़े चु**या है तो जो चु**या है उनका मानसिक स्तर क्या होगा?


Following post by  Arvind Patel posted on 16th April 2020 has been shared by 662 people.

16th April 2020, 18:05

He wrote the following with the image –

“ये कहना क्या चाहता है?
इनके थूक वाले फल सब्जी खानी चाहिए तब हिन्दू सहिष्णु कहलाया जाएगा क्या ????










Yes, anyone can say “No I didn’t tweet it” after actually tweeting and deleting it so let’s look into it in detail.
We start with our observations and almost all possible angles and only after will include what Jaaved said about this.

    1. This tweet couldn’t be found on his timeline (probably deleted so read further)
    2. First of all, a screenshot alone shouldn’t be treated as a proof as it’s pretty easy to create one using basic image editing tools.
    3. Not even a single handle/profile who made the screenshot viral/tweeted/posted gave the URL/Link of the tweet in question.
    4. Everyone used one single image – a tweet with dark/black background. In such cases, when hurt/offended different people take screenshots from different devices/mode e.g. taken on Mobile, on desktop (broader), white background, many uses different fonts etc too.  None of these were found anywhere.
    5. The tweet has not been archived on the usual archiving services i.e. archive.is and web.archive.org by anyone which could’ve proved that the tweet indeed was on his timeline and was deleted later. for e.g. you can click on “archive” written on above Facebook post and tweets.
    6. The Profile picture in the viral image couldn’t be found being used by him since the beginning of the year 2020.
      From the web archives we could find three photos used by him, one in January, another in March and the current one that he said he changed in March end after announcement of lockdown. Archiving services are third party servers and can not be altered/edited.
      Jaaved Jaaferi also told us he didn’t use this photo on his twitter handle lately.

      The profile photo in fake viral tweet –Archived on 31st Jan 2020 – 

      Archived on 15th March 2020 – 

      Archived on 11th April 2020 and also the current one –

    7.  on 17th April, a day after the image in question was viral he tweeted clearing he didn’t tweet it.

He wrote This screen shot of a tweet attributed to me is fake and insidious and made viral by the rampant #FakeNews scum. My tweets and speeches have always promoted communal harmony and in today’s trying time’s where the world unites to fight an enemy of humanity, #****off #HateMongers



8. On 19th April Jaaved posted a video of himself claiming he didn’t tweet it challenging the people who posted the alleged screenshot to prove it as real or post a video with apology. As per his video he also told us that he is filing a complain with cyber cell against the people who posted Fake screenshot.

Along with the video he wrote –
I normally don’t post personal videos inspite of being trolled often, but had to now. In a time when humanity is faced with a pandemic and race religion colour country are no concern, some Indians are still indulging in #FakeNews #HinduMuslim #HateMongering. We need love not hate


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