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Photo of TISS Professors viral, False accusation of Supporting Palghar Accused

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Palghar lynching incident that happened on 16th April shook the nation and also opened a new opportunity for people to share unrelated fake news to instigate the country. In the recent light of events a photo is being widely shared on Facebook and Twitter related to two individuals claiming they are trying to bail the accused people of Palghar lynching.


A photo of a man and woman is going viral on Facebook and Twitter with the claim that the photograph is of a husband and wife- Pradeep Prabhu aka Peter Dimello and Shiraz Balsara, who work with an organization called Kashtakari Sangathana are trying to bail the accused people related toPalghar lynching. The photo got viral with the following caption-

यह दोनों पति-पत्नी प्रदीप प्रभु उर्फ पीटर_डिमेलो और सिराज बलसारा संतो को पीट-पीटकर मारने वाले लोगों की जमानत में जी जान से लगे हुए हैं।

स्थानीय अदालत से लेकर मुंबई हाईकोर्ट तक में यह लोग गए।

अपराधियों को पुलिस टॉर्चर ना करें उसका भी ये लोग ध्यान रख रहे हैं………..।।

यह वही पीटर डिमेलो है जो सोनिया गांधी की एनएसी के प्रमुख सदस्य थे। आखिर इस पीटर डिमेलो को उन दरिंदों की भीड़ से क्या लगाव हो सकता है ??


These two husband-wife Pradeep Prabhu aka Peter Dimelo and Shiraz Balsara are engaged in the bail of the people who beat the saints.

These people went from local court to Mumbai high court.

Do not torture criminals, they are also taking care of them……….. .

This is the same peter ḍimēlō who was the chief member of Sonia Gandhi’s NAC. What can this peter Dimelo be attached to the crowd of those hooligans??


The following post is being shared with this caption-


This post was shared on Facebook by ‘Sudarshan news Fans’ page yesterday and has 181 shares and 133 likes.


This post was uploaded by Navin Chaturvedi on Saturday and has 129 likes and 251 shares.


Several other accounts shared this particular post too.


This post also went viral on Twitter at the same time.

This tweet was shared yesterday by Col. RSN Singh and managed to garner 2.7k likes and more than 2600 shares within 24 hours.







This tweet was widely shared on both the social media platforms.


The claims of the post are FALSE. The people in the shared picture are not Pradeep Prabhu and Shiraz Balsara. The individuals in the image are- KP Jaishankar and Anjali Monteiro, well known documentary filmmakers and professors at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai where they teach media and communications.

KP Jayasankar

Anjali Monteiro

The individuals that posts claim to be of- Shiraz Balsara and Pradeep Prabhu are Palghar based activists and have also co-authored the book “Aadivasi Bodhkatha” with two others.


This fake news were directed towards these activists with regards to the Palghar lynching.

The fake news was also busted by The Quint who spoke to the Palghar SP who confirmed that the ‘Kashtakari Sangathana’ has no involvement with seeking bail for the accused related to Palghar lynching. Kashtakari Sangathana is an organisation that works for Aadivasis and their rights in Palghar.

The picture of the two professors is being shared widely to instigate people on communal grounds and the claim that they are working with Congress to get the accused bailed is false.

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