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An Old photo of a Pregnant woman viral claiming she has Corona

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A photo of a pregnant woman and her husband went viral on Facebook claiming that the wife is suffering from corona virus, during 20th-21st April 2020. It was widely shared on social media.


The photo was being widely shared with the caption that the pregnant woman in the picture is suffering from corona virus and that she might not survive it. The caption also claims that the doctor mentioned that the child will be born Covid positive. The caption furthur requests people to share that post in four different groups.



This post was shared by a Facebook page named Feelings on April 21st, it has 125 shares and 87 likes.

Another account named Yadav Belal shared this post which garnered around 12k shares and 4.3k likes. The post was shared on 20th April and was later removed. You can find the archived link here

Recently this photo resurfaced on Facebook in form of a blog link. It was shared on 26th April and has 133 likes and 11 shares.


The blog link traces back to an online blogging website called Blogger. This post was created under the blog handle MJay. Here is the link to the blog.

Below is the screenshot of the Author’s page


This post was not as widely shared on twitter as Facebook.



The following tweet was shared by Alibi Television. This post didn’t contain a photo but had an instagram link that did. Click here



The post is false. This photograph was clicked by a photographer named Elaine Baca and has no relation to coronavirus.

On doing google reverse image, this image was traced back to an article by Popsugar titled “Photographer is raising awareness of the increased maternal and fetal mortality rate in black communities”. This article was published on Feb 20th 2020. This article further led to the profile of the photographer where this photograph was found under the ‘Home Birth/Birth Centre’ category. Click here

On visiting the instagram profile of the photographer it was revealed that this photo was uploaded on January 15th 2019 before the start of this pandemic and hence this image is not related to Corona virus.

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